LOOK! 8 String Guitar Theory Resources To Check Out

If you are considering getting into playing 8 string guitar, there are a few things you should know. First, you will need to know how to read music and tab. Second, you’ll need to study some different techniques with your 8 string guitar. And third, you will want to make sure that there are some good places for theory information about the instrument.

We put together this resource page to give you some direction on where you can get started with 8 string guitar theory.

8 String Guitar Fretboard Diagram

The 8 string guitar fretboard diagram is a chart that maps out all of the notes on an eight string guitar:

8 string guitar fretboard-diagram

8 String Guitar Exercises

If you are looking for 8 string guitar exercises to help you get used to the different fretboard width, more strings, etc.

First, check out this video for some techniques to practice:

8 String Guitar Chords

If you need some help with chord shapes and theory on your eight string guitar, then this is a great resource for you:

8 String Guitar Lessons & Courses

Another very helpful thing to check out is this series of videos from a guitarist named Dean Murphy. He put together a great little playlist of videos that helps you get started as a beginner 8 string guitarist.

Check it out here:

Can I Learn Guitar On An 8 String?

Yes, technically you could but I would not recommend it. If you are a beginner, you will be better off starting on a 6 string guitar. Learn the basics there first and get yourself a good platform to start from.

I think that learning an 8 string guitar is much harder than a 6 string guitar. You’re going to have to learn quite a few basics over again, new techniques and new ways of making chords. It won’t be easy but it can be done over time.

Other Quick 8 String Guitar Theory FAQ’s

How Many Octaves Does An 8 String Guitar Have?

8 String guitar has 4 octaves.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning 8 String Guitar?

Learning 8 string guitar can be a good way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It’s also an opportunity to learn some new techniques and expand your range of abilities on the instrument.

What Kind Of Music Do You Typically Play On An 8 String Guitar?

You can play any kind of music on an 8 string guitar that you can play on a 6 string guitar. However, it is most popular among metal guitarists.

You can also learn about tuning 8 string guitars and 8 string guitar metal bands here as well.

A Few Final Thoughts…

If you are into metal music, then the 8 string guitar is going to be pretty cool for you. You will probably find that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the way that you play guitar. I would recommend getting one, but starting out on a 6 string first. It’ll be easier that way and after you learn some basics on the 6 string, then your transition to 8 string will be much smoother.