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10 Best Guitar Melody Samples For Your Songwriting

The competition in the world of music today is enormous. The way you play the strings of your guitar will largely impact how your music stands out, and this also affects the number of people who listen to your music. Today, there are many guitar samples and guitar loops that you can add to your beats to make your music more outstanding and of high quality. Moreover, you can find ideas and inspiration from a sample, thus making your work easier as an artist. Listed below are several guitar samples that you can go ahead and incorporate and enhance your music.

Our Top Guitar Melody Sample Pack Choice

Perry Frank’s Ultimate Guitar Sounds Bundle

Our favorite has to be Perry Frank’s Ultimate Guitar Sounds Bundle.  Why?  Take a look at what it includes and if you get it now, there is a HUGE DISCOUNT where you can get it for $299 $49 if you use the coupon 250OFF.  What does it include?  A full GB of awesome sounding real acoustic and electric guitar sounds which include:

  • loops and melodies
  • chords
  • one-shots

Everything you need to include fantastic guitar melodies in your music productions.  Highly recommended!

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Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cobra hip hop sample packs comprise of different kinds of sounds. It produces authentic collections of drum loops, flute, melody loop, guitar recordings, drum one-shot, and guitar loops. In this pack, the guitar loops guarantee quality sound production, a feature that makes this sample outstanding. This is made possible because it contains both a dry and wet guitar loop that makes it more suitable to produce any sound. Additionally, this sample pack includes some hip hop inspired MIDI loops. Cobra hip hop guitar melody sample pack is mostly preferred by producers as it also gives them alternative sound options, thus, making their work easy in hip hop production.  Find it here.

Dave Foreman Composition and Samples Vol.1

This sample pack contains more than 20 years of mastered sound bites from Dave Foreman, an iconic west coastal guitarist. Here, you get access to his personal crafted licks, chords, riffs, and leads covering multiple genres from R&B to the soul, rocks, and country music. Dave Foreman Composition and Samples Vol.1 will also help you look for a groove, chords, or a guitar solo. Due to its credibility, Dave Foreman’s composition pack has been used by many musicians worldwide, which has made their productions stand out among the best in the market.  Find it here.

2020 Melody Collection

As the name suggests, this is a collection of beautiful melody loops that contain several guitar samples that are widely used in different ways. Each sample is categorized based on the feeling of a melody. Moreover, each sample is also BPM. The loops in the melody collection include the Lo-FI Melody Loops, Future Bass Melody loops, Crazy Melody loops, Dream Melody loops, Epic Melody loops, and vocal Melody loops. In this collection, there are different types of samples ranging from nostalgic to sad thus, if you want a variety of guitar loop samples to accompany your song, the 2020 melody collection will serve you better.  Find it here.

Vibration Guitar Sample Pack

You will fin hip hops, chills, reggae, and even mental guitar loops that include every key and various tempos in the vibration guitar sample pack. Another important feature of vibration guitar sample pack is the chord loop, which are perfect for building progressions. In addition to this, the catchy melody loops can be reworked to make your own topline as well. Ideally, this guitar sample pack contains guitar loops for every producer since it can be used in many types of music. All this features guarantee you quality sounds that can be easily incorporated in various types of music.  Find it here.

Eternity Vintage Collection

If you are a hip hop or electronic music producer, this pack can work well for you. Moreover, eternity vintage collection is highly recommended for analogue recordings of guitars and other musical instruments. The ability to use analogue recording mediums like tapes instead of all digital processing done today in computers and DAWs has a timeless vibe that modern hip hop has failed to capture. The main features of the Eternity vintage are 14 harp loops, 30 guitar loops, 18 piano loops and 48 vocal samples. Other relevant features include 62 drum loops. 19 melody loops and 102 drums one-shots.  Find it here.

Oracle Sample Pack

Oracle pack contains numerous melody loops. In this pack, every melody loop also comes with a separate stem that builds up each melody loop. Here, a producer can use their creativity to extract different sounds to create their own melody. The melody loops can affect in one way or another the success of a music producer. It does not matter the genre you produce; the melody will always be the most valuable aspect of a track because it sets the vibe for the rest of the sound produced. Oracle sample pack also gives the producer the freedom to create a melody that matches their creativity.  Find it here.

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Roses Sample Pack

Roses sample pack contains incredible features including 6 guitar loops, 21 drum loops and 28 drums one-shots. Other features include 16 melody loops, 11 MIDI files, and 7 high-quality vocal chops. It is indeed a pack that many producers would want to use as it gives inspiration and new ideas that you could probably like. Besides, it also contains other features, which include 12 complete original sample compositions composed by S1 & Wu10, 5 extra melodies, all sample composition and BPMs. It is also important to know that this pack is compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, and many others).  Find it here.

Golden Guitar Bundle

The good thing about golden guitar bundle is that it offers a wide variety of guitar samples. The collection of perfectly strummed guitar recordings is amazing for almost any style of music. They can be used in various situations since this sample contains 200 guitar samples. Another interesting thing about golden guitar bundle is that you can instantly incorporate them into your track or make your own tunes within your DAW of choice once you decide to use them. So if you are an artist who wants to add an unforgettable groove to your track, grab this pack. Many producers have used it and its gaining popularity in the music industry.  Find it here.

Songstarter Guitar Progression

Songstarter guitar progression is one of the best guitar samples that allow you to enhance your creativity. It inspires you with new ideas that will be valuable in making your work simple and easy. This is made possible as it equips you with an interesting chord progression, grooving rhythm guitars, and melodic guitar line. It is suitable for new artists who want to create their tracks around guitar parts and use this sample type. Above all, songstarter guitar progression also ensures that there is good flow in an artist’s work as it provides you with more thought-provoking ideas into your work.  Find it here.


With the high number of music released every single day, every individual has a particular genre they like. Sometimes people avoid particular music genre due to the guitar melody sample incorporated into the music played. Therefore, an artist needs to ensure that they choose a melody that perfectly suits their song. If one is not conversant with guitar melodies, it is recommended that you seek help from experienced producers. Remember that how well you invest in your music will greatly impact how the consumer receives and perceives it in the market. If you have to outsource, ensure you work with skilled producer, who select the best guitar melody samples.