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20 Best Guitar Samples Library Packs – Paid & Free 2022

Looking for the very best in guitar samples?  I would highly recommend checking these out!

They are ideal for adding authentic vibes or guitar melody samples to your mixes and they can help you in taking any track from good to amazing. It should be noted that even fantastic guitarists use samples because sometimes it is just faster and easier.

Our Best Premium Paid Guitar Samples Library Recommendations

perr frank ultimate guitar sample bundle

Our Top Collection – Perry Frank’s Ultimate Guitar Sounds Bundle

The Ultimate Guitar Sample Bundle is award-winning and comes from the renowned Perry Frank. This sample pack is highly endorsed in the music industry for being beyond impressive. These remarkable samples are created by real guitars and even professional producers use them to add to their mixes. This bundle provides a full 1 gigabyte (GB) of premium electric and acoustic guitar samples, which includes one-shots, loops, and chords. Therefore, if you are seriously committed to producing great music, we highly recommend that purchase a copy of this ultimate guitar sounds bundle.

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With the availability of some high-quality samples, they can be quite handy to both the novice and the expert. below are some of the best guitar samples library:

Evolution® Guitars Music Bundle

With this bundle, the main window enables you to control the triggering of various articulations. For example, you have the option of setting velocity ranges to control palm muting transitions to a standard attack. This is a feature that is widely appreciated among players because rather than telling you how the instrument should be played, you can tell the instrument how you would prefer to play it. There is a whole tab dedicated to altering the tone of the instrument with several effects that include reverb and distortion.

BigFishAudio Guitar Loops Tracks

There are 27 construction kits formatted as REX, 24-bit WAV, RMX files and Apple Loops in modern rock. Each kit folder contains a demo composition mix and there are also folders that contain dry and amped versions of the loops. Novices may prefer to play around with the amped sounds; however, the untreated files introduce a fascinating assortment of processing possibilities. The categories of the loops are Chorus, Bridge, Verse and Outro and four different guitar parts are available of each type, along with bass. Additionally, all the loops contained in each kit are intended to work together.  Check it out here.

Mode Audio Guitar Samples and Loops Pack

At the base of this massive set of royalty-free guitar samples is an exquisitely performed and deeply collection of 783 Electric Guitar samples and loops. They are all available in untreated, dry form and coated in layers of skillfully applied reverbs, billowing delays and overdriven warmth.

This bundle is representative of a whole arsenal of stimulating, string-powered ideas that range from oceanic Chillwave Riffs and cool, summertime Guitar Chord strums to mellow R&B plucks and edgy Rock rhythms. Additionally, the loops are accompanied by natural tail samples, providing the tools to take each loop to a satisfying and smooth decay.  Check it out here.

Noiiz Guitar Sample Packs

This plugin provides extraordinary access to the entire Noiiz catalogue of samples from within your DAW. You can browse Packs and other categories can be browsed just like a website and audio files can be dragged from the Plugin interface directly onto a track to the desktop or an empty clip slot.

Additionally, the tempo of the session can be linked to the audition speed of the samples and the pitch can also be changed. This leads to a minor pause for things to recalculate; however, it can save a lot of time by letting you hear the sample from the perspective of the session prior to downloading it.  Check it out here.

Splice Sounds Guitar Packs

Splice has several million samples, presets and loops to sift through for inspiration. There are huge collections of 808 samples, loop grooves and ambient sound effects. Splice has exclusive rights to some of this material and the rest is available as part of separate sample libraries you will have to buy individually if you are not subscribed. All samples on Splice have no usage restrictions and is 100 percent royalty free. Browse the sample libraries by instrument, by genre, what is popular this week and by what is featured and listen to unlimited previews.  Check it out here.

AmpleSound Acoustic and Electric Samples

The product lineup of Ample Sound includes one acoustic bass guitar and three virtual acoustic guitars. Ample Bass Acoustic II mimics a Guild B-54 CE, Ample Guitar L II mimics a classical Alhambra Luthier guitar, Ample Guitar T II samples a Taylor 714 and Ample Guitar M II samples a Martin D-41. These are all high-end instruments. In addition, Ample Sound provides free Ample Guitar M Lite II; while this does not include as many articulations, it offers more than 800 MB of data, in comparison to the average of 5GB available in commercial releases.  Check it out here.

Peel Guitar for LABS

In 2006, this classic instrument sampled by Christian Henson and has been widely used on his scores ever since. In spite of its simplicity, is a favorite of directors. A Fender Telecaster was used to create it by feeding it through a 15-watt vintage tweed amplifier with a slight vibrato, distortion and tremolo. The guitar sound is reminiscent of British indie music.

This Spitfire Audio LABS offering introduces an unlimited series of software instruments, free and easy to use. There are 10 free sample libraries currently available; this includes strings, choirs, pianos and drums.  Check it out here.

Samplephonics Guitar Sample Libraries

Sound designer Aneek Thapar is responsible for this library, which is an impressive collection of acoustic samples. They were designed to deviate from the norm; this was done by using such things as pitch morphing, convolution processing and formant shifting. However, the file structure is one feature of the library that is not deviant and this is because of the type of acoustic guitars that were used in creating the library. For instance, the one-shot folders are Bass Notes, Acoustic Guitar Chords, Guitar Hits, Guitar, Kalimba Stabs, Instrument FX, Synth, Mbira Stabs, Violin Licks, Violin, Violin Stabs and Violin Notes.  Check it out here.

Our Free Sample Library Recommendations

guitar library

Looperman Guitar Samples

LooperMan was created to provide a large number of hits and loops for you to use in your mixes. It has 8000 vocal samples that are categorized in a standalone acappella category. Samples can be searched by category, tempo, key and date, genre and there is also the option of filtering huge collection by tags. Doing this is necessary to whittle down the over 90 thousand samples to get to something that is ideal for you. This collection focuses on quantity instead of quality; however, we definitely cannot fault it in where quantity is concerned.  Check it out here.

Sample Focus Electric and Acoustic Guitar Samples

This collection is basically a searchable database of samples that is greatly categorized for browsing. It is well organized with collections, categories, tags and more, carefully designed to guide you in searching its content. This modern curated collection and as such, from the very start efforts have been put in to tag it.

It is in the Beta stage and is currently free but could attract a fee later. Credits are used on this to buy samples. Every Monday, users earn ten credits and every upload approved by the site nets an additional four credits.  Check it out here.

LANDR Samples

This began as an online mastering platform and has quickly become a 360-degree service designed with producers in mind. It encompasses collaboration, distribution and currently sample-hunting. The best feature of this new sample download service is that it if completely free and signing up for a LANDR account is all that is required.

These samples have been especially created by a mixture of LANDR users and artists. Packs can be searched by artist, vibe, genre and individual sounds can be searched by BPM, key, type, genre and more. LANDR has stated that it plans on accepting user-submitted samples and including them in the offering in the future.  Check it out here.

Shreddage Stratus Free

This free edition of the guitar features a set of articulations that is much more modest than the paid version; however, it is still quite a powerful virtual guitar. With this library, you will receive palm mutes, deep-sampled sustain samples and choke articulations, complete with 3 complete octaves of playing range. At least 24 samples per note are there; this includes round-robin and dynamic layers variations. Its performance engine is the same as NI Kontakt which means the complete version of Shreddage 3 Stratus. In addition, the library is equipped with a virtual mixer that is outfitted with built-in effects.  Check it out here.

Cymatics Vibrations Guitar Loop Pack

To assist you in taking your music to a whole new level, a professional session guitarist, who has over 10 years of experience, was hired to record high-quality guitar loops in a range of genres. There is a “Vibrations” sample pack and it contains reggae, hip hop, pop, metal and chill guitar loops that cover a variety of tempos and every key. You can chop up the catchy melody loops and rework them to make your own mixes and the chord loops are ideal for building progressions.  Check it out here.

Eternity Vintage Collection

These samples have no lack of options to play around with bass. A lot of thought was obviously put into creating these bass sounds; from crafting 808 synths which are reminiscent of mixes from over 30 years ago to doling out live tapings of vintage bass guitars via tape decks.

Each bass sound has loads of character, while still being up to standards that exist today. Generally, this large collection of bass samples is quite futuristic as it relates to sound design. Whether you make house, lofi, hip hop, trap, R&B and others, you will effortlessly find an ideal bass sound for whatever genre you are trying to create.  Check it out here.

2020 Melody Collection

This compilation of cost free melody loops also has some of the most skillfully played samples and guitar loops that will provide your productions with a whole different vibe. You will find in this collection various types of samples, from sad to nostalgic; therefore, if you’re seeking out the ideal sad guitar loop to serve as a complement to your beat or song, you should go ahead check out the snippets of gold that are available in the 2020 Melody Collection. You will get high quality stems of each loop and 40 free melody loops.  Check it out here.

Standard Guitar for Sforzando

This is a free guitar sample library that is available in SFZ format which has a custom user interface designed for Plogue Sforzando. It features numerous articulations for various playing styles such as palm mutes, sustains, pull-off, hammer-on and natural harmonics. The playing styles can be accessed by way of key switches. The amount of content and attention to detail included in this free library is incredible. There are more than 2400 samples with at least 16 round-robin variations for each sampled note. Besides the playing styles, a set of guitar noises was also included like pickup noises and muted slides.  Check it out here.

Vibrations Guitar Sample Pack

The vibrations guitar sample pack literally has guitar loops that are designed for every kind of producer. If you are in need of reggae guitar loops, this is a guitar sample pack that might satisfy your needs. This sample pack is also a great choice for people who are looking for pop or metal mixes.

  • 20 hip hop guitar loops
  • 20 metal guitar loops
  • 20 pop guitar loops
  • 20 chill guitar loops
  • 20 reggae guitar loops

Check it out here.

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

This incredible sample pack has been released by Cymatics and it is available as a free download. This is definitely a must-have for producers of hip hop music. The sample pack contains more than 350 premium 808s, loops, samples and studio session recordings that are recorded professionally by session players. Included among the sounds are guitar and flute recordings, drum one shots, drum loops and melody loops. In addition, it includes a number of hip hop-inspired MIDI loops. Similar to the majority of the sound quality produced by Cymatics products, this sample pack is superb.  Check it out here.

Shinyguitar for Sforzando

This guitar library is also in SFZ format and it is available with a customized user interface designed for Plogue Sforzando; this is a free yet sophisticated sampler plugin made for SFZ libraries. Karoryfer Samples has responsibility for the development of this library. It features sounds of an empty semiacoustic steel-stringed guitar, this library is appropriate for use in jazz, blues and other genres like pop, ambient music and acoustic music. It is definitely a good fit for metal, rock and heavier styles of music.  Check it out here.

Guitar Samples Reference Guide & FAQ

guitar music

What are guitar sample packs?

A sample pack is basically a sound collection designed to help producers in the process of producing music. The sounds are available in a wide range of forms and sample packs serve as the foundation of the tracks of many musicians. Others use sample pack to find something extra that will take their track to another level.

The majority of samples are short, anywhere between 1 or 2 seconds and a minute or so. To put it briefly, sample packs are folders of sound files. The individual folders are not random; they actually share a common theme.

What to look for in a good guitar sample library?

All genres of music use samples for a number of purposes. Typically, they are the constituents of modern music, in the structure of sampler instruments and drum machines on a computer. Below we will explore how to locate the very best sample packs and samples for yourself.
Your track can be potentially be made or broken by guitar samples. Low-quality samples do not have the required resolution to endure any added effects or processing. However, high-quality samples can be utilized as center stage sound and they also have legs that can be compressed, heavily edited and stretched. They assist in creating a rich, full and clean sound environment that provides the foundation for the other elements of the track. A worthwhile track always begins with high-quality samples. So don’t ever skimp and go for low-quality samples.

Among the undiscovered resources into which you can tap is the converse library. You will discover some of the highest quality samples available and best of all, they are free. The samples are professional recordings created by professional musicians. It is like having instant access to your own studio musician.

Free vs Paid Guitar Sample Libraries

Free guitar samples are all available for download and are 100 percent royalty free. They can be used effortless in your sound design project or music production. A few free token free sample packs will be offered that are of decent quality even though they are free; however, the real good stuff are usually kept behind a pay gate. Essentially, you will typically have to buy the high-quality samples.

If a combination of the free and paid resources listed above is used, you will be able to access all the samples you could hope for. Bear in mind that finding unique samples could take much time and practice; therefore, you will need to browse through a large number of audio files to get to that special thing you are looking for. If you have the patience and you are willing to put the time into it, you will be able to locate samples not being used by anyone else to mold into your own style.

Can you make your own guitar samples?

It is definitely possible to create your own guitar sample. You could consider building up a library of chords that can be dropped into an arrangement. Accumulate a lot of them from acoustic and electric guitars in a wide assortment of keys. They can then be played in your sampler in creative and interesting ways.

When a collection of strummed chords is being compiled, ensure that both downward and upward strokes are included. This could add much zest to a sampled guitar if round robin playback or key-switching is supported by your sampler.

Using virtual guitar samples vs a real instrument

There is no denying that real instrument sounds are unbeatable when produced by seasoned, professional musicians. However, over the past several years, virtual guitar samples have come a mighty long way. They are now at the point where if the performances are programmed properly, you will be able to produce a sound that is quite authentic. This is so much so that the average listener will not be able to tell that it is not coming from an authentic guitar.
What should be understood is that to make virtual guitar parts work, any performance of an acoustic instrument will have many human imperfections. These can be found in areas like the dynamics, the groove and the timing. However, the majority of new virtual guitar libraries are designed with controls to adjust different aspects of the performance.

The rhythmic parts like playing arpeggios and strumming chords are still the simplest guitar sample parts to get away with. The extremely expressive melodic parts are a lot more difficult to program; however, these days, even that is possible but it will require much practice to master writing those parts. It is primarily about controlling all of the performance techniques that a guitar is able to add.

What are guitar loops?

A loop pedal is also referred to as a looper pedal and is basically an electronic device that produces instant recordings of musical performances and replays them in real-time. This makes it possible for musicians to start overdubbing themselves to produce a massive, polyphonic soundscape that is based on their personal performances.

In addition, the guitar loops are stompboxes that are placed on the floor and are activated by the foot of the player. Before loop pedals came into existence, large recording consoles were required by players to capture their performances and replay them with decent sound quality.


Guitar samples are extremely useful, especially for those who have not yet mastered the art of playing the guitar and need to use samples in their recordings. In addition, they are also great for musicians who are looking for something extra to take their track to a whole new level of awesomeness. Just by investing a little bit of money or taking advantage of some of the quality free guitar samples that are currently available on the market, you will definitely be able to reap the benefits of some remarkable-sounding tracks to incorporate them in your mixes to produce amazing mixes.