empty guitar speaker cabinet 1x12

LOOK: Unloaded Empty Guitar Speaker Cabinet 1×12 Options

This article is about the different empty guitar speaker cabinet 1×12 options for you to choose from. This can be a great idea if you are interested in building your own electric guitar rig!

Electric Guitar 1×12 Empty 12 Speaker Cabinet

Here are some excellent options:

VHT AV-AL-112E Open-Back 112 Empty Speaker Cabinet

This open backed cabinet is designed to normally hold a single speaker driver. It is made with high quality birch plywood and includes 2 speaker jacks. The cabinet is crafted with an open back to prevent the sound from being too dead and also to give your bass a nice open quality. This cab is easy to set up and will allow you to get the full sound that you want from your guitar speaker.

Choosing A 1×12 Guitar Cabinet Unloaded

Looking to get yourself an empty 1×12 guitar speaker extension cabinet?  What should you look for?

  • Materials used – the two main materials used are plywood and particleboard. Plywood is not perfect, it expands and contracts faster than other materials, which means that your speaker cabinet will tend to move slightly as the wood of the box expands and contracts with changing humidity levels in the air. Particleboard is actually finer than plywood particles compressed together, which makes it more dense and stable with less movement due to changes in humidity. However, particleboard has a tendency to shrink around screws, nails, and staples. This can cause cracks in the particleboard.
  • Ports and Vents – these are usually covered by the speaker, and can be blocked off easily. It is important to make sure that you can remove the speaker easily if you should ever want to upgrade your speaker.
  • Binding Posts – these are necessary on your amp head, and perhaps a second set may be useful if you ever need to use more than 2 cabinets at one time.
  • Gasket – this is a rubber washer that goes around the edge of the speaker cutout on the cabinet.