best strat pickups

10 Best Strat Pickups – Upgrade Your Stratocaster Tone

Are you looking to buy your first Strat? Or you want to bring new energy into an old favorite with a Strat tone? Worry not because we have the answers for the best strat pickups you can get this year. Pickup upgrades offer the best value for your money if you know how to optimize […]

humbucker vs single coil

Understanding Humbucker vs Single Coils Guitar Pickups

What is the difference between a guitar with single coil vs humbucker guitar pickups? Aside from personal preference and the type of music you’re playing, here is a summary of the technical differences, the common sounds associated with both pickups and why you may prefer one over the other for your next electric guitar or […]

types of guitar pickups

7 Main Types Of Guitar Pickups Explained & Best For You

Without the pickup, your guitar may not be audible enough. And when you’re not using the right kind of pickup, your guitar may have issues sounding like it was intended to. A guitar pickup is at the core of a guitar’s functionality and performance, along with the wood construction of the instrument, your amp, and […]

best guitar pickups for metal

10 Best Guitar Pickups For Metal – Thrash, Black, Death, Etc

Metal is a popular genre in music. A lot have chosen this since you can play and go all out with different styles. This genre is interpreted as energetic, aggressive, and immense guitar sounds.  To help those players show off an amazing metal performance, they use guitar pickups to have that crushing impact with their […]

add pickup to acoustic guitar

How To Add A Pickup to Acoustic Guitar

There are instances that there is nothing greater than just sitting down and simply strumming your acoustic guitar after a long and tiring day. However, if you wanted to take your acoustic guitar up the stage, you will need a way to be heard. This is where acoustic guitar pick up comes in. When thinking […]

why do guitar pickups go microphonic

What Makes Your Guitar Pickups Go Microphonic?

It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon and you’re practicing for the upcoming weekend gig with the band. Everything seems to be going perfectly — you had the gear set up just right, and the sound couldn’t be better. But then suddenly comes a SHRIEEEEEEK!!!!! A violent, ear-piecing squeal that has your dog running for cover. Within […]