which telecaster models have humbuckers

REVEALED: Which Telecaster Models Have Humbuckers?

The Fender Telecaster enjoys an iconic status in the music world. It is, after all, the first best-selling solid-body electric guitar. The innovative design produced impressive sound and introduced new possibilities. One of the best features of these Teles was the inclusion of humbucking pickups. These are designed to reduce the noise while amplifying the signal.

So Which Telecasters Have Humbuckers?

Read on to find out and maybe this will help you decide on the right Fender Telecaster models for you. Personally, I like the versatility that Telecaster models have when it has humbuckers instead of single-coil pickups. It gives you a wide range of tones to choose from. Everything for a classic player up to the most modern guitarists.

American Professional Telecaster Deluxe Shawbucker

The Fender Telecaster Deluxe was first introduced into the market in 1972 when it enjoyed excellent reception. It continued its original run until 1981 but collectors don’t need to worry as the model has been reissued several times since then. Among the defining characteristics of the Deluxe is the large headstock that looks a lot like the Stratocaster’s head. The body has a nice contour while the solid neck is made of high quality maple neck. Some of the early variants included a tremolo Tele bridge. Bucking the usual solo controls for tone and volume, this model had two of each on the front. Tim Shaw designed special humbucking pickups for this Telecaster model.

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Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Thinline

The Fender Thinline Telecaster has actually been around since the late 60s and have undergone several redesigns since then. It is the brainchild of German designer Roger Rossmeisl. This still has the solid body that Telecasters are known for around the center, but he improvised with hollow wings to have lower weight. The result is a package that is much more portable and easier to use during gigs. You need to check the different features to know which version you have. The ’69 Thinline has dual standard single-coil pickups with the strings going through the body for the bridge. The wood was made from mahogany or ash. The ’72 Telecaster version has two wide range humbucking pickups in both the neck position and bridge position.

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Fender ’72 Telecaster Custom

This is another classic Fender Telecaster reissue that brigs back all of the swagger of the original model. The natural grains on the wood give it a nice natural appearance. The U-shaped neck looks good and the groove is deep enough to allow ease of control. The large black pickguard dominates the front. It also has a wide-range humbucking Tele neck pickup, eye-catching amp control knobs, and other impressive features. Users say that the humbucker on his one sound a bit dark and muddled but fine for the most part. It is heavier than the Thinline Telecaster so consider this if you are aiming for a more portable and user-friendly option.  Excellent option for both country twang or blues guitar.

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Vintera ’70s Telecaster Deluxe

This Fender Telecaster guitar recreates the golden era american original 70’s sound and style in a neat package. It has two Wide Range humbucking pickups for a bold and punchy tone. These have been re-voiced to ensure accuracy when compared to the originals. The string-through-body Strat bridge with six saddles has vintage looks and accurate intonation. Meanwhile, the neck has a Thin-C shape with a 9.5-inch radius fingerboard and 21 medium jumbo frets. This has an alder body which of these Fender models loves to use due to its balanced sound.

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American Performer Telecaster Hum

This Fender guitar combines the old and the new for those who want the classic Telecaster feel while enjoying modern features. When it comes to the pickups, this one has a single coil at the Telecaster bridge position pickup and a Double Tap humbucking pickup at the neck position. There is a push-pull potentiometer that controls the Fender high range humbucker for on the fly adjustments. It has a Greasebucket tone system, a Modern C-shaped neck with 22 jumbo frets. It also has an 18:1 gear ratio for the tuner that is smooth and easy to use.

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Jim Root Telecaster

Jim Root is Slipknot’s legendary guitarist who is known for his heavy style and huge sound. His collaboration with Fender has led to this Telecaster model with a minimalist appearance that hides a beast inside. It has a large 12 inch radius fingerboard and EMG active humbucking pickups at the neck and the bridge. The body is made from mahogany to guarantee toughness. It has Fender locking tuners for stability and ease of repairs. This black and white Fender guitar is meant for complex heavy metal solos. There are not too many models that are used for metal music but this one sure does!

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Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH

This Fender guitar is for people who don’t want to compromise on either looks or features. This high-end Tele is exquisitely made from solid mahogany body and maple. The maple neck with jumbo frets has a Seymour Duncan ’59 humbucking neck pickup while the bridge pickup has Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbuckers. This Telecaster provides a warm sound that should please a lot of musicians. The two control knobs adjust the tone and volume.

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Standard Telecaster HH

Fender’s original workhorse models has been reissued for modern guitarists that want humbuckers. The Standard Telecaster HH can produce high gains thanks to the dual humbucker Blacktop humbucking pickups with open coil configuration. A push-pull switch is available to uncover the single coil tone. The modern neck curvature ensures comfort and ease of use no matter the playing style.

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Player Telecaster HH

This is a versatile Fender Telecaster that is true to the Fender ideals from styling to sound. It can handle any genre and is tough enough to handle gig after gig. The player series is meant to be the entry level category for Fender electric guitars. It’s great for students or those are just beginning to learn to play at any age. If you have a tight budget and big dreams, then this one is for you. Note that it comes in two pickup configurations. One has single coils and the other has humbuckers. Check the specifications before making a purchase.

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Which Fender Telecaster Would You Choose?

Any of these Fender Telecaster or Telecaster Plus models above are excellent choices if you want something with humbuckers as opposed to only single-coil pickups (difference between humbucker and single coil) to give a more wide range of guitar tone opportunities. I would recommend any of these classic player options. Any of these is definitely a classic player Telecaster guitars! Who doesn’t love a classic Tele?

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