best ambient reverb pedal

7 Best Ambient Reverb Pedal Picks For 2020

If you appreciate a great musical atmosphere, be it the feeling of a cathedral or creating a private landscape, ambient reverb pedals are all you need to make it happen. From serene to gloomy, calming to edgy, your choices are endless. Often, the venue of the gig is not what one wants and setting the […]

7 Best Spring Reverb Pedal Options For 2020

Reverb is among the oldest guitar effects, beginning with the spring tanks that initiated in early tube amplifiers. It is arguably the most significant effect in music that enables musicians and producers to establish a feeling of space for particular instruments and mixes. Guitarists have used it since the 1950s, and today’s spring reverb pedals […]

best budget reverb pedal

5 Best Budget Reverb Pedal Options For 2020

Reverb is all the rage. It’s the mixture of sounds reflected off close surfaces that gives a great atmosphere to your guitar playing. From subtle tones to intense ones, it gives you the atmosphere you wish for. However, reverb pedals are not known to be affordable as they come with premium features. However, that is […]

boss dd3 vs dd7

Boss DD3 Vs DD7 – Which is the Best?

Delay plays a vital role in each guitarist’s gig. They can’t live without delay. A delay, chorus, as well as a variation of distortion, is an easy set-up to creating remarkable music. Over the years, Boss Corporation has completely comprehended the significance of delay. At this point, among the digital delay pedals Boss has offered, […]