Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic review

Traveler Guitar Review Of The Ultra-Light Acoustic

Most people avoid traveling with bulky luggage that may cause fatigue. If you are a fan of guitars, you may want to carry your instrument wherever you go. However, some people find it difficult to carry their guitars because most of them are bulky and cumbersome. But did you know that you can find a […]

best acoustic electric guitar under 300

10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300 – Top 2021 Picks

Guitars are undoubtedly the most popular string instruments among musicians across the globe. While learning a guitar might be easier than a violin or other stringed instruments, it is the versatility of the instrument that mainly contributes to its popularity. The basic structure of a guitar itself can be modified. This is the reason we […]

best acoustic electric guitar under 500

10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500 – Top 2021 Picks

An acoustic electric guitar, often known as semi-electric guitar in layman terms, is best known for its versatile design, smooth sound, and powerful projection. At its core, this amazing guitar is fitted with a pickup device which allows it to be plugged into an amplifier. Heard in almost every genre of music, acoustic electric guitars […]

acoustic electric guitar vs acoustic

Comparing The Acoustic Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar

There comes a time in the life of a guitarist when you want to get your hands on an acoustic. Maybe you’re looking to hone your skills, or just driven by curiosity. Either way, you want the next piece of gear you buy to be a best acoustic guitar for the money. That’s great, but what […]

best acoustic electric guitar

Top 10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Options For 2021

An acoustic guitar is a type of guitar. An electric guitar is another kind. An acoustic-electric guitar is an amalgam of the two making one best option. When shopping for an acoustic or electric guitar best for you, it’s not that difficult to zero in on one if you know what you’re looking for. However, […]