blues driver vs tube screamer

COMPARED: Blues Driver vs Tube Screamer Guitar Pedals

The Blues Driver and Tube Screamer are known to be two of the very famous and welcomed overdrive pedals perpetually. Both of them are exactly same in what they carry out. They will be mimicking the tube amp distorted sound, providing a lot of sustain and highly aggressive sound which is responsive to an individual’s playing.

The main difference between the Blues Driver and the Tube Screamer is the guitar tone.  The Blues Driver has a warm and bluesy overdrive tone while the Tube Screamer is more bright and gnawing in tone.

Design and quality of build of Blues Driver

Underway for over three decades, the Blues Driver has remained basically unaltered since its underlying discharge. It’s proceeded with prevalence lies with its tough, visit prepared form and the warm, tube like twisting it produces. Utilized across sorts it can do everything from conveying an unobtrusive mash to clean tones to high-increase soaked lead tones.

It is a basic pedal, with three handles controlling the level, addition and tone. With these three controls clients can accomplish a wide scope of various sounds. Like all exemplary Boss pedals, it is worked to withstand the full afflictions of the street. Housed in a strong metal suspension this thing can endure all the thumps, drops and lager spills it’ll confront while being gigged.

Design and quality of build of Tube Screamer

Since the 80s, the Ibanez Tube Screamer has been one of the most well known overdrive pedals available. Utilized over all kinds, from blues and nation to shake and metal, players of all styles use it in various manners to accomplish various sounds. It is unequivocally manufactured, intended to endure long stretches of gigging. The huge number of looked for after 80s models despite everything being sold on eBay and Reverb are a demonstration of how well they endure.

Like the Blues Driver, the Tube Screamer has only three control handles – drive, tone and volume. In contrast to the Blues Driver, the controls are somewhat more delicate and permit clients to make a more extensive scope of tones on account of it having the option to produce more pick up and the tone control having a progressively articulated impact on EQ. While maybe not exactly as indestructible as the BD-2, the Tube Screamer is in any case a determinedly manufactured pedal that will endure being kicked around in front of an audience and slammed about in the rear of a van.

Is there any difference between the sound of Blues Driver and Tube Screamer?

Up until this point, the contrasts between the two pedals are insignificant; both are positively manufactured stomp boxes with indistinguishable controls. The greatest contrast between them lies in the sound they make and how guitarists use them in their apparatuses.

The Boss Blues Driver is so well known and acclaimed because of its smooth, responsive sound. At low increase levels, it gives your sound a rich, warm overdrive that has a great deal of symphonies’ richness. Notes ring out plainly however have the additional bites and continue on account of the pressure of the contorted sign. This application is utilized a great deal in nation and blues music, when guitarists need some additional smash on their spotless tone for leads and performances. It is likewise utilized as an independent twisting pedal. Put before a perfect amp with the addition turned up, it gives a lot of coarseness and mash for rock and grit style cadence guitar. Numerous guitarists like to place it before a previously contorting amp for an additional increase and level lift for lead work. At the point when utilized this way, it gives an exceptionally full, warm solid which loans itself well to shake and blues performances along the lines of Gary Moore or Guns N Roses’ Slash.

While the Blues Driver has a warm, full stable the Tube Screamer is unmistakably all the more gnawing and splendid. This is because of the generous mid-extend help the hardware gives the sound.  For the sound of the guitar on its own the Tube Screamer can be off putting because of this gnawing quality however when put with regards to a full band blend, the sound of the cylinder screamer truly enables the guitar to slice through. Hence it is utilized by a ton of expert guitarists as a fast and simple approach to EQ their sound. Put before a perfect amp with a moderate measure of drive, it gives a rough, honky tone which loans itself to crude blues and rock performances. While a few guitarists do utilize it as a committed twisting pedal to get grimy sounds from a perfect amp, the sound can be excessively weak. The most famous utilization of the Tube Screamer is before a messy amp, used to drive the amp into full metal and hard rock levels of increase and immersion. While any overdrive will do this, the Tube Screamer is so broadly utilized as a result of the mid-run help and somewhat low end cut. This “fixes” up the sound of a grimy amp, making a much more clear and cutting guitar sound that is ideal for everything from current stone to whip and passing metal. It is additionally broadly utilized related to other twisting and fluff pedals. Numerous Big Muff clients place a cylinder screamer with the increase low yet level high after the fluff pedal to give it a mid-lift and make the sound more clear. Numerous guitarists use it along these lines to straighten out the sound of exemplary contortion pedals, for example, the Boss DS-1.

Which one should you select?

Picking between the Blues Driver and Tube Screamer and doesn’t really simply come down to which sound you like, however how you mean to utilize it. In case you’re an expert or semi-professional guitarist who plays a great deal of gigs, the Tube Screamer is likely the smartest decision because of its capacity to enable the guitar to slice through a live band blend. It is this mid-substantial apparent quality that truly separates it from different overdrives and is the reason it is so broadly utilized by the professionals. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a pedal for recording and home use which will make the guitar sound better in seclusion, the more full tone of the Blues Driver is your most ideal decision. The class and style you play is additionally a significant thought. The glow of the Blues Driver can make it excessively wooly sounding for present day metal, while the gnawing clearness of the Tube Screamer makes it excessively weak for use in grit or outside the box rock. In case you’re a blues and nation player searching for an increasingly unpretentious overdrive, both do quite well and are broadly utilized. In case you’re after a smoother, adjusted lead tone, the Blues Driver is the most ideal decision yet on the off chance that you need a more honed, cutting tone pick the Tube Screamer.


If you are still confused about which one to select among Blues Driver and Tube Screamer then you must understand that the former is best suited for Country and blues players searching for a smoother crunch sound, making use as a mutilation pedal in front of a spotless amp, grunge, rock and outside the box overdrive and use with a disengaged guitar and the latter for modern rock, metal, searing leads, cleaning a fluff or mutilation pedal and tightening the sound of a misshaping tube amp.

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