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10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 300 Options For 2020

Finding top acoustic guitars that has the best value for money is not the easiest feat for those who have a budget of $300 or less. Nonetheless, there are products currently available on the market that have managed to go for a less expensive price point but still deliver the remarkable sound quality and craftsmanship the majority of players want in a guitar. To assist you in finding the acoustic guitar that truly provides value for your hard-earned money, we have made some recommendations of those we believe can stand up to scrutiny and deliver on performance.

Below are the top acoustic guitar under 300 dollars:

Our Under $300 Acoustic Guitar Recommendations

Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Guitar

Instead of reinventing the wheel, Yamaha opted to build upon the qualities that drove the popularity of the APX500III acoustic guitars. As such, the APX600 has retained its shape and the same thin body design, which provides a more comfortable playing and holding experience in comparison to a dreadnought. There has been a slight reduction in the scale length from 25.6-inch to 25-inch and the string spacing is also narrower to further amplify playability.

They also use the same materials, with the three-ply nato sides and back and a spruce top. Additionally, its neck is also made out of a satin-finished nato that features a rosewood fretboard with 22 total frets; the cutaway makes them easily accessible. The guitars are available in a sophisticated glossy black, a traditional natural finish, a chic Oriental blue burst and cool vintage white.

This guitar has successfully built on the successes of existing guitar models by producing the same big sound with remarkably good low end for its slim body. When played through an amp, it delivers that same performance and has good clarity. It is definitely not devoid of faults but overall, it is a solid performer, with good onboard flexibility offered by the preamp controls.

Ibanez Artwood AW58-NT Acoustic Guitar

The Artwood series embodies what is referred to by Ibanez as a modernized approach to the traditional. Revolutionary woodworking technology enables the manufacturer to reproduce the chic bracing techniques of the unique acoustic guitars of yesteryear. Tradition is clearly the trademark of the Artwood acoustic guitar series; however, the decades-long search by the company for the definitive acoustic tone has led to alterations in the design that give Artwood its uniqueness.

Inspired by the very popular acoustic guitars of the 1970s, the traditional dreadnought design of the AW58NT is ideal for individuals looking for a quality, budget-friendly acoustic guitar. The classic combination of the rosewood sides and back and its solid Sitka Spruce top produces a punchy, rich tone that contradicts its affordable cost. Its black ABS body, rosewood fretboard, binding, chrome die-cast tuners, a black and white rosette and a high gloss finish combine to place the finishing touches on this quintessential, impossible-to-resist beauty. This is a gorgeous yet simple guitar that is a great choice for those who would like a dreadnought-body guitar.

Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone AJ-220S Solid Top Guitar is a 6-string acoustic guitar with an advanced jumbo body style. It has a bell-like shape that is designed to create a large sound chamber and it produces quite a unique sound, which is basically a loud, full and deep tone. The acoustic guitar features a solid Sitka Spruce top, an Okoume neck, select mahogany body and exceptional tuners. A polyurethane finish is used to top off the aesthetics of this acoustic guitar.

Its powerful sound, solid looks and a craftsmanship that is designed for longevity are some of the qualities most players want in a guitar. It delivers smooth action, provides a good feel and it can cater to the varying needs of different levels of musicians. Best of all, the acoustic guitar is quite affordable.

Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is a compact and reasonably-priced concert guitar that is often favored by fingerstylists and smaller players. As a part of the Yamaha range, it goes without saying that the Fs820 acoustic guitars look great. Its solid spruce top has X-bracing underneath the hood and laminated mahogany is used to make the sides and back. This is an update from the FS800 that is made from nato but is a little less desirable than the FS380 with its rosewood sides and back.

The body of the guitar has a beautiful glossy finish and is available in several color options that range from the more traditional autumn burst and natural finishes to a lively ruby red or turquoise.

Details like its cream binding and tortoiseshell pickguard assist the FS820 in standing out quite nicely. This is a nicely-crafted and good-looking guitar that plays just as impressively as it looks. It has a scale length of 25 inches with a solid nato neck that is merged at the 14th fret and houses 20 frets on its rosewood fretboard. Its definitive tonewood combination of mahogany and solid spruce results in a well-balanced sound that surely has low-end with a lot more emphasis in the highs and midrange, which leads to a folky sound.

Alvarez AD60 Acoustic Guitar

The Alvarez AD60 Dreadnought Guitar is also among the best-selling dreadnoughts. It is a remarkable guitar with a beautiful matte finish and it is well-designed and crafted with excellence in mind. Its solid Stika Spruce top scores an A+ and its hand-sanded scalloped bracing is designed for consistent quality of the AD60 acoustic guitars and the sound it delivers. Overall, it produces wonderful tones with impressive sustain.

Rather than being laminated, its top wood is solid and this makes it durable and finely grained. Natural materials are used to make all of its components; therefore, you can rest assured that it is well-made. The guitar features mother-of-pearl and abalone inlays, nuts and real bone saddles. Its neck is made from mahogany and the semi-gloss finish makes for easy playability. Pau Ferro is used to make the fingerboard with the 12th fret having Indian Laurel inlay. It has the D’Addario EXP16 strings and you can move around the fingerboard easily via the 21 frets.

It is a decent practice guitar and this is particularly true when it comes to changing chords. All in all, it is ideal for individuals who would like to enhance their guitar skills.

Jasmine S34C NEX

The Jasmine S34C NEX guitar is designed in a grand orchestra-style that produces a well-balanced sound that is ideal for pretty much anyone who is seeking out a new guitar. Its laminated Spruce top features Jasmine’s Advanced “X” bracing, which is intended to produce livelier sound. The slim neck along with its Sapele sides and back provide the S34C acoustic guitars with a touch of elegance. It has a scale length of 25.5-inch and as such, you will be able to comfortably play the guitar for hours.

In addition, the satin finish of its rosewood fingerboard maximizes its resonance and adds a higher level of comfort. Rosewood is also used to make the bridge and this plays a part in ensuring quality. Furthermore, its craftsmanship and sound quality are excellent.

There is also a synthetic bone nut (what kind of bone is used for guitar nuts?) and saddle on the guitar that provides note separation and superior balance. This could be the first ever guitar for you and likely the one that will be effective in shaping your guitar prowess. From beginners to professional, this is a remarkable guitar for all players. This is definitely a good-looking, great-sounding acoustic guitar and the tuning machines have an incredible feel and are well made.

Epiphone DR-100

With its select spruce top and definitive go-to dreadnought shape, the Epiphone DR-100 is definitely one of the best-selling acoustic guitar in this class. The durability and exceptional craftsmanship of this acoustic guitar makes a remarkable guitar that truly inspires many hours of playing. It is designed with the traditional shape, with mahogany sides and back along the spruce top. Its bridge and fingerboard are made from rosewood and overall, it provides a balanced expression with exceptional projection and a warm bass.

Its hardware is certainly not lacking in anything. Its attractive bridge goes quite well with its die-cast tuning machines, synthetic nut and synthetic saddle. It has a slim-taper neck that is ideal for younger player and beginners who are just starting out and getting familiar with the playability and feel of the acoustic guitar. In addition, it is a preferred neck design for professionals as well and this is larger due to its fit and comfort.

This guitar is small and handy, making it perfect for gigging and traveling around. The sound quality of its mahogany body also allows it to deliver a sweet and warm tone. Furthermore, the guitar is reasonably priced, it has decent construction and this makes it an ideal option for the majority of players.

Washburn WG7SCE

It is difficult to find fault with the looks of the Washburn WG7SCE acoustic guitars as its design strikes an amazing balance between modern and rustic. Its modernization is in the form of its ample single cutaway and the general playability of its satin-finished mahogany neck. Its rustic quality is represented in its remarkable custom wooden inlaid sound hole rosette. There are also 20 frets on its rosewood fretboard and they can all be easily accessed.

With its 25.5-inch scale length grand auditorium body, the WG7SCE feels like there is remarkable quality in its construction. Similar to the other models in the Harvest Series, the top of the guitar is made from solid wood and in this case, it is made of Sitka spruce. This is superbly paired with a stunning laminate mahogany on the sides and back, featuring cream body binding and finished in gloss. All in all, this is a chic acoustic guitar players want to pick up instantly and get to playing.

The mixture of the spruce and mahogany produces a sweet, rich tone with decent warmth. With its large GA size and solid top, the WG7SCE has a big acoustic projection. Additionally, when put through the preamp, its tone is quite naturally amplified. It may not be as organic when compared to higher-priced models; however, it is still stage-performance worthy, particularly with its onboard EQ and feedback control adding impressive versatility.

Ibanez Talman TCY10

This electro-acoustic guitar has a 25.5-inch scale and embodies the renowned Ibanez Talman design. Its solid-body electric version has been notably used from early in the 1990s by the like of the energetic guitarist Noodles from the Offspring. This is a steel-string acoustic that has the uniquely curvy double-cutaway design, with laminated mahogany sides and back and an X-braced, laminated spruce top. It also has a high-gloss finish with ivory binding.

It is important to note that the model of this guitar is available in three colors: blue sunburst, vintage sunburst and black, which are all quite stunning. However this guitar is more than just its good looks; it has retained the playability and feel of an electric guitar. Sufficient access to its highest frets and the fast-playing neck are mainly responsible for this. Its mahogany neck joins the acoustic guitar at the 16th fret and it has a sleek rosewood fretboard, 20 total frets and some dot inlays.

Even though laminates are used on the body of the TCY10 acoustic guitars, the combination of the mahogany and spruce provide a smooth, well-balanced sound, even if it lacks some low end. Additionally, its sound is not as powerful or resonant as a larger guitar. However, when plugged into an amplifier this will not be much of an issue and your output can be tweaked via the AEQ2T controls.

Breedlove Discovery Concert

This guitar has a clean, modern and generally unfussy design and is available in natural and sunburst finishes. Aside from its black binding, the center stage is taken by the wood grain. It is an entry-level model for the Breedlove brand; however, its overall construction definitely does not feel like it is entry level. Additionally, the guitars are made in China but the workshop in Bend, Oregon it tasked with the responsibility of doing quality checks and setting them up.

Furthermore, the materials used to make the acoustic guitars  are of good quality, with laminated mahogany sides and back, a solid Sitka spruce top and a slim and sturdy mahogany neck; this provides an easy and pleasant playing experience for different hand sizes. East Indian rosewood is used to make the fretboard and there are 20 frets in total. The unique and super cool Breedlove tapered headstock tops off the body and neck of this guitar.

Breedlove is developing a reputation for making good-sounding guitars and there is no difference with the Discovery Concert. Even at its lower cost, there are only few complaints, including a minor lack of low-end. Nonetheless, it is bright and clean, provides much warmth and it projects extremely well indeed.

Top Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Conclusion

Bear in mind that the preceding list is largely based on the performance but it is not free of our personal guitar preferences and opinions. As such, you are really encouraged to get out there and truly discover what is out there in the guitar world, using our recommendations which have provided a good starting point. However, there is a vast number of remarkable acoustic guitars currently available on the market for you to find out about. Please note also that regardless of where a guitar landed in our recommendations, it is a great guitar since it actually made the list.

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