Yamaha APX600 review

READ THIS Yamaha APX600 Review Before You Buy It!

The Yamaha APX600 Na Thin Body embodies the affordability and top-quality craftsmanship that is synonymous with Yamaha. The instrument provides a smooth-playing vibe and produces impressive sound. It is pleasing to the eye and all of this comes at an affordable cost. This cutaway thin-line acoustic-electric guitar features a System 65A preamp piezo pickup system and a built-in tuner. This is remarkable for plugging in and rocking out at coffeehouse and other gigs, while producing a sound of natural acoustic that individuals will love. Its spruce top assists the APX600 in pumping out impressive tones even when it is being played unplugged. Many acoustic players have attested to loving the Yamaha APX600 acousticelectric guitar for both its great tone and affordability and one of the best acoustic guitar for the money options.  We also included it as one of the best Yamaha acoustic options out there too.

Yamaha APX600 Features

The instrument is a thin-line acoustic-electric guitar and this is an indication that it has a thinner profile which will fit up close to the body; this makes for an easy and comfortable experience when playing. However, it should be noted that a thinner body is not an indication that the Yamaha APX600 is not designed to produce a far-reaching, superior tone. The manufacturer makes use of locally-sourced tone woods for the body and neck in an effort to be environmental-friendly by supporting sustainable wood harvesting and minimizing waste. Essentially, the main features include:


• A spruce top that produces impressive resonant tone
• A light thin-line cutaway body that comfortably sits against the body
• A rosewood fingerboard that offers remarkable feel and response
• A system 65A preamp piezo pickup system which supplies a solid and amplified tone


The APX600 is thin-line acoustic-electric guitar but it is thick on impressive sound. It is fitted with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and a spruce top that combine to produce a comprehensive, superior tone. Many players have stated that they were surprised at how playable the guitar is and quite impressed by the powerful sound it produces. It has a deceptively slim body so many are fooled into underestimating its power to put out loud sounds. There is no doubt that the built of the guitar makes it superior and this is true when it comes to tonality as well.

When this guitar is played acoustically, it has a loud voice that is super impressive in spite of its shallow body. However, it is not as super full when compared to the sound that a dreadnought body produces; but that should not be expected from the thin-line body shape of the Yamaha APX600. On the other hand, it does have well-bodied low, bright and crisp tones.

Additionally, the APX600 cannot be talked about without mentioning its pickups and this is because when plugged in, an even more magical tone will be produced. When played through an amp, you will have an even deeper appreciation for how impressive the sound output is, specifically on the clarity. There is absolutely no doubt that the Yamaha APX600 is a good-sounding guitar, especially when the reliable and impressive preamp controls onboard and piezo pickup are taken into consideration.


  • Affordable
  • Well-balanced and clean sound
  • Built-in tuner makes tuning effortless and it stays in tune
  • Easy to play and comfortable
  • Delivers powerful sound output
  • Easy access to its higher frets made possible by the cutaway design
  • Children and players with small hands will find its neck to be ideal for them


  • It produces a good sound; however, a dreadnaught produces a more superior sound
  • When amplified, there is too much to end; however the EQ can easily solve this problem
  • Some players are dissatisfied with its electronics; however for the cost, it is the best you will get
  • Players with larger hands will have difficulty in playing it


Due to being incredibly easy to play and its smaller size, the Yamaha APX600 guitar is an ideal instrument for players who are just beginning and those who have a desire to try out an electric-acoustic guitar. It features everything that was liked about the model before, like its slim body, the unique shape, the swift playability and the solid electronics. In addition to that, it has undergone some upgrades where it counts the most, which is evident in its sound and functionality.

The slim body of this guitar produces big sounds, it has exceptional playability and perfectly fits the hands of smaller players. It is adequately loud, even when it is unplugged. These features are merely some the many positive statements that have been made about of the impressive Yamaha APX600. For the cost of acoustics under $300, it is a great guitar overall.