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WHICH: Guitar Lessons Online Vs In Person – Where To Take Them?

Considering where to take guitar lessons (local in person music store vs online lessons)? It depends on several considerations. First of all, are you better off learning face to face or online? Second, consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on lessons. Third, consider how close you are to music instructors.

Taking guitar lessons online or offline has its pros and cons. Consider the points below to make an informed decision. Although learning offline has been the norm in the past, most students today learn online because of convenience. Also, the quality of online guitar lessons on the Internet has improved dramatically over the years.

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Pros of Online Lessons

1. Money Savings

Online subscriptions are affordable. The cost of the subscription depends on the expertise level of the instructors and the quality of the in person lessons the site provides. With a private instructor, you would pay at least $20 for 30 minutes of private tutoring. With online guitar lessons, you only average around $2 or less per lesson.

2. Multiple Guitar Instructor Options

With online lessons, you can choose to learn from different guitar instructors. Remember that each instructor has his or her expertise. Some are experts in acoustic guitar  or classical guitars playing, others in electric. Some focus on jazz, others on blues, country, or metal guitar.

Also, if you do not like your teacher, you can choose other instructors for electric guitar lessons. If you are doing lessons at a local music store, Guitar Center or Samash you are stuck with one guitar instructor, unless you request to shift to another one.

3. Learn at Your Own Pace

With online lessons, you can learn at your own pace. You can pause the lesson at any time and practice what you have learned. You can go over the guitar lessons as many times as you want until you achieve mastery. With offline lessons, the instructor dictates the learning pace and may not be sensitive to your needs.

4. Complete Guitar Education

Most instructors at local stores usually provide their lessons based on the knowledge they have gained so far. With online instruction, you receive complete education from several guitar experts. If you are aiming to learn from different masters, you can do so by learning from a pool of instructors.

Online lessons for guitar are well-structured. Since the instructors do not meet with students face to face, they have to provide detailed lessons from beginner guitar to advanced. This means that you can learn straight to the point without any fluff.  Everything from starting teaching with the beginner guitar chords to plucking strings in a lead guitar solo.

5. Convenience

This is the number one reason students prefer to study online. You can learn to play rhythm and lead guitar in the comfort of your bedroom. You do not have to waste money and time visiting a private tutor. You can set your own time for your lessons and not have to worry about getting late.


1. Motivation

The biggest issue with online guitar lessons is maintaining motivation. A good in-person instructor knows how to motivate students. To not get bored, practice your lessons in little chunks, and learn at your own pace.

2. Lack of Feedback

Online students do not get the advantage of personal guitar instructor feedback. An offline instructor can easily correct your mistakes and make sure you master fundamental guitar skills properly. If you learn online, you have to correct your mistakes on your own.

Pros of In Person Guitar Lessons

1. Interaction and Feedback

Perhaps the most important advantage of in-person guitar lessons is the presence of better interaction and feedback. Of course, this all depends on your learning style. If you prefer to learn directly from a guitar master, then this option is best for you.

Interaction allows you to learn guitar skills faster and more efficiently. Also, you get needed feedback as you learn. This makes it easier for you to master the instrument in as little time as possible. However, you still need to set private time to practice your lessons.

2. Motivation

Unless you are self-driven, you need to have an external source of motivation. A good teacher knows how to motivate guitar students. This is an important factor in any teacher-student in person relationship. Positive reinforcement allows you to progress on guitar sooner.


1. Availability

Not all students have the advantage of having expert guitar teachers in their neighborhood. This is true for those who live in rural areas who have to travel to big cities to find competent instructors. This means that you have to settle for whoever is available in your neighborhood. In this scenario, you have to wait for the availability of the instructor to get your lessons.

2. Travel

It takes time to travel from your home to the local music store. You have to pay for the commute, take time to prepare for the lesson, and carry your instrument with you. However, you may also request the guitar instructor to provide lessons at your residence. This is not always possible, though.

3. More Expensive

Competent instructors charge more money for in-person lessons. Each private lesson costs at least $20. Advanced guitar teachers charge $100 or more. Most students do not have the luxury to pay for continuous private lessons. If you are on a tight budget, learning online may be a better option.

In Person Lessons vs Online Instructor Last Words

It is your personal preference to go for in-person or online guitar lessons. You have to consider the above-mentioned pros on cons before beginning your journey towards guitar playing mastery. As long as you are determined and motivated, you can play like a pro in no time.