where do you put a loop pedal in chain

SOLVED: Where Do You Put A Loop Pedal In Chain?

The article will go through different ways of putting a loop pedal in the signal chain and how it can be done as well as what each method provides. The article will also mention the pro’s and cons of each method for these guitar effects pedals as well.  I recommend reading this for anyone who is looking to put a loop pedal in their chain when setting up their pedal boards.

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Pedal Order Options For Looper Pedals

How to chain your guitar effects with a looper:

  1. The first way of putting a loop pedal is to put it directly in the signal path chain so it’s “which ever effects you want before this effect then this effect then which ever effects you want after this effect.” This is the least preferred way because if you decide to change something about your rig or bypass the loop pedal for some reason then this method makes it really hard to troubleshoot.
  2. The second way of putting a loop pedal is to set up a separate effects loop for the loop pedal, almost like it has it’s own effects chain. There are multiple ways to do this but I will go over two in particular that I’ve used with my loop pedals. The way I currently use is to create a new effects chain, set the toggle switch to the highest position and then connect it to the loop pedal with the other end going into my effects send. This has several advantages over the first method as you will have easy access to what’s going on with your loop pedal so you can troubleshoot it if anything doesn’t sound right. Another big advantage is that this method keeps your regular chain clean while still allowing you to put an effect pedal into your chain for a specific purpose.  I like to put my delay in reverb in the effects loop too.
  3. The third way that I’ve seen is to create a dedicated effects loop for the loop pedal as well as the regular effects loop. I don’t recommend this method because it’s very restricting especially when it comes to setting up your rig. It also seems like the pedal does not fit ideally in your chain.


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So the conclusion of this article is that the best way to put in a loop pedal in your chain is to create a new effects chain for it and then connect it to your effects loop with the other end going back into your normal chain. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and I will try to come out with new articles more often if people like the content.