what is a loop pedal

EXPLAINED: What Is A Loop Pedal?

A loop pedal is a piece of hardware that allows the guitarist or bassist to have a variable amount of time before their notes repeat. In other words, it’s basically a playing pattern where next notes are made up of previous notes played in different positions and at different tempos.

If you’re a guitarist and you’ve ever wanted to create your own songs, loops, or patterns that would make the music sound more complete, then the loop pedal is for you.

What Do Looper Pedals Do?

Loop pedals work by recording the guitar or bass tones that you play right into a small computer chip, and saving that recorded tone in the chip. The only difference between having a loop pedal and not having one is the difference between being able to create your own songs from scratch, or just being able to play music an ordinary way.

Looper pedals are great for creating patterns for your guitar and bass players to repeat over and over again. It also allows you to create harmonies that would usually take hours to achieve.

Some Loop Pedal Comparisons