Taylor 614ce Grand Auditorium

Taylor 614CE Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Review

If you are looking for a great Taylor acoustic guitar with tons of features and tone, look at this.

Taylor Guitars 614ce Grand Auditorium Features

Taylor’s Grand Auditorium guitar has a distinct, crisp tone that comes from its solid Sitka spruce top. The spruce is joined with a maple back and spruce sides. These woods make the guitar produce plenty of volume, while the compact size makes it very easy to handle.

The guitar has a cutaway design which is very ergonomic, plus it has a Venetian cutaway. Both of these features make the guitar easily accessible to the higher frets on its body. The solid top also adds more volume and definition to the sound coming from this grand auditorium acoustic guitar.

The Taylor Guitars 614ce features a slim maple neck that makes playing this large-sounding acoustic easier than ever. Plus, its minimalist body style has easy-to-reach upper frets.



The solid spruce top, the cutaway, and Venetian cutaway are all key elements that make this guitar sound so good. However, the slim neck is what really makes the guitar playable. The slim neck joins with a smaller “D” size body to create a comfortable instrument that is easy to handle.

The Taylor Guitars 614ce’s lightweight body makes it easy to play. You can reach all the notes in the guitar’s upper frets thanks to its cutaway design.

Sound Quality

The guitar has a crisp, clear sound that is great for many genres of music. It’s crisp treble notes are perfect for fingerpicking. Its additional warmth can enhance any rock song. And, you can really hear the guitar’s impressive bass tones whenever you strum its body.

The solid spruce top along with the maple back and sides deliver a bold sound that produces plenty of volume. Three padded circular soundhole rosettes add unique aesthetics to the guitar. The rosettes highlight the guitar’s sleek design and also enhance its tone quality.

Value For The Money

The Taylor Guitars 614ce Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar is a beautifully crafted instrument that allows you to play it regardless of your skill level. The cutaway design helps you enjoy the high notes, while the slim neck makes it simple to reach the higher frets. Plus, this solid spruce top guitar has a distinct sound that is great for many genres of music.

Overall, the guitar is a well-built instrument that delivers a good sound quality. Its small body size and beautiful design give this guitar a great look. The guitar also comes with a case, which makes it easy to transport. Overall, because it has a good sound quality and versatility, an acoustic guitar can be considered “value for money.”


  • Cutaway design allows players to get to higher frets.
  • Slim neck makes it easy to play.
  • Small, lightweight body is comfortable to hold.
  • Crisp treble notes are great for fingerpicking.


It is fairly expensive.

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Who Is The Taylor Guitars 614CE Good For?

This Taylor guitar is great for people who want a high-quality acoustic guitar. Its cutaway design makes it easy to reach the higher frets of the fingerboard, while its smaller size allows you to easily handle it.

Its crisp treble notes and beautiful looks will appeal to fingerpicking musicians and rock/folk fans. Because of its versatility, this Taylor guitar can be used in many genres of music.

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The Taylor Guitars 614ce Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument with a great sound. It has a solid spruce top, which adds clarity and definition to its tone quality. The guitar’s slim neck and smaller body allow you to play it more easily. Plus, the guitar’s cutaway design makes it simple for you to reach its higher frets. Overall, the acoustic guitar has a good sound quality that is great for many genres of music.