Ibanez AEG200

Ibanez AEG200 Acoustic Guitar Review

In this article, we are going to look at a great Ibanez acoustic guitar option.

Ibanez AEG200 Features

The AEG200 features a cutaway design with a spruce top and sitka spruce and okoume back and sides, making it a fantastic option for all types of playing styles. The slim nyatoh neck profile makes it easier to play on, while the ovangkol fretboard is great for beginners. With an exquisite low gloss finish, this guitar looks as good as it sounds!


The Ibanez electronics and tuners provide a great, reliable performance for gigging players. The Ibanez T bar II Undersaddle Pickup is easy to install, and gives you the option of silent tuning. This means that you can use the guitar without the need for an amp while still having an active sound, making it suitable for recording purposes.


The playability of the AEG200 is excellent, due to the great quality woods and low gloss finish. The slim nyatoh neck is easy to play on, making it a good choice for beginners. The ovangkol fretboard has a nice warm tone that makes this guitar suitable for all playing styles.

Sound Quality

I liked the sound of the AEG200. It has a warm, full sound that can be used for playing classical guitar pieces. The Ibanez electronics and tuners provide a great, reliable performance for gigging players.

Value For Money

The AEG200 is a high value addition to any guitarists collection. With a full body sound that can be used for playing jazz chords, fingerstyle, fingerpicking and soloing, the AEG200 is ideal for guitarists who want to create an attractive sound in their performance.


  • Great sound quality for a beginner
  • Low gloss finish makes it a great guitar for all playing styles
  • Includes a good quality gig bag, strap and guitar tuner for an added bonus.


  • Not a full sized guitar

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Who Is The Ibanez AEG200 Good For?

The Ibanez AEG200 is good for playing in a small band. It has a great projection and clarity, which makes the AEG200 the perfect acoustic guitar for playing at home or in a small club or coffee shop. The AEG200 is also excellent for recording purposes, allowing you to get the sound you need without having to use an amplifier.


The Ibanez AEG200 is a great acoustic guitar that I would recommend to beginners and intermediate guitarists who want to start recording. The low gloss finish makes it ideal for playing all types of music, and the good quality woods and electronics make it a safe bet for getting the sound you need. If you are looking for a great acoustic guitar with great sound, look no further than the Ibanez AEG200 Acoustic Guitar!