Takamine EF360S-TT review

READ This Takamine EF360S-TT Review Before You Buy

If you’ve ever heard or played a vintage guitar that is well built, then you know that there are very few newer instruments that can compare. The EF360S TT by Takamine is a high-quality acoustic-electric guitar manufactured by Takamine. This guitar’s top wood features Thermal Top technology, which basically means that it has been aged in an environment with high heat and low oxygen. Takamine uses this artificial aging process on the EF360S-TT, which helps it to look and sound like a vintage dreadnought that has been well-maintained.  These are great acoutsic guitars!

Takamine EF360S-TT Features

The Takamine EF360S-TT has many great features. Below is a brief discussion of some of them.


Most manufacturers mount the preamp on the side of their acoustic-electric guitars. This isn’t bad as it makes it easier for the player to adjust EQ. However, a noticeable side-mounted preamp affects the aesthetics of the guitar, especially if it is meant to look like a vintage. Because the EF360S-TT was designed to look vintage, Takamine used a TLD-2 Line Driver preamp, which has no external controls. This preamp was mainly designed to amplify the sound of acoustic guitars, and it does this superbly in the EF360S-TT.

This guitar is fitted with a specialized piezo pickup by know as the Takamine Pathetic. What makes this pickup unique is it has individual elements for each of the guitar’s strings. The design of this guitar makes it perfect for players who use percussive techniques because its pickup is built into its body and extends through the soundboard.


Other Features

Even though some players may prefer the sound of guitars made using composite materials, bone nut and saddle material are used on the EF360S-TT, which enhance its vintage look. For those who don’t know, bone is one of the oldest saddle/nut materials. This material has an enduring popularity because of the way that it enhances the sound and tone of the guitar. Try playing a guitar whose saddle and nut are made of plastic and then play one with a bone nut and saddle and you’ll notice the difference.

The EF360S-TT has Gotoh open-gear tuners. The knobs of these tuners are classic butterbean, which really brings out the vintage feel of this guitar. Its fingerboard is made of ebony, which is an aesthetically appealing, tight-grained wood that also adds texture to the sound by giving it a hint of crisp attack. The EFS360S-TT has Dot inlays, which like many vintage acoustics are understated. The gloss finish gives it just enough sparkle, and the patterned ivoroid binding offer a pleasant contrast.

Sound Quality

If you are an experienced guitarist, you’ve probably played with different types of guitars. Out of experience, you may have noticed that the perfect ones are those made with certain tonewood combinations. The EF360S-TT features an Indian rosewood back and sides and a solid spruce top. As you may probably know, combining these two materials brings out the defined low end and complex harmonics of rosewood with the pleasant brightness of spruce.

It won’t be fair if we reviewed this guitar and didn’t discuss its top. As mentioned earlier, the EF360S-TT’s top has been artificially aged using careful air quality and temperature controls using Takamine’s Thermal Top technology. This technology results in a top that sounds and looks like the one for a dreadnought that is 100 years old.

The neck of this guitar has a traditional profile and is made of solid mahogany wood. It is also not too slim or too thick, and other than its functional value, it also adds some warmth to the sound.


  • Its solid Indian rosewood back and sides and solid thermal spruce top help it produce sound that is nuanced and beautiful
  • Has the sound and visual appearance of a quality vintage dreadnought thanks to Takamine’s Thermal Top technology
  • Has an ebony fingerboard, bone nut and saddle, and Gotoh tuners that also enhance its vintage look
  • Its Palathetic pickup and TLD-2 Line Driver preamp help it produce natural-sounding live tone


  • Its preamp doesn’t come with an adjustable EQ, something that some players may not appreciate


The Takamine EF360S-TT is a great guitar. It is packed with features that help enhance its vintage look, its sound, and its overall quality. Those who have used this give it glowing reviews. Some guitarists highly-appreciate the pronounced bass resonance it produces, which is a characteristic that many acoustic guitars with rosewood bodies possess. Therefore, if you are someone who’s looking for an acoustic-electric guitar with a vintage look, buy the Takamine EF360S-TT.