Yamaha JR-1 review

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Small guitars have numerous limitations, and yet they are still popular. Tiny guitars will not offer you a roaring acoustic and can be complex to use compared to their larger guitars. Despite the various issues you will get when you play a tiny guitar, it is considered to be suitable for kids. The tiny size of this acoustic guitar makes it suitable for any event or age group.

In case you are looking for a tiny guitar for your kid, consider getting the Yamaha JR-1. The 3⁄4 sized acoustic guitars are compact, light, and less cumbersome, making it a suitable acoustic guitar for kids. At the same time, it can be a suitable product for travelers or anyone who plans on carrying guitars without straining. Find out more about this product so that you can determine if this is a suitable product for you and your child.


Yamaha JR-1 Features

The simplicity found in the making and design of the Yamaha JR-1 is what makes this product stand out. This is a guitar that proves that just because a product is simple; it does not mean that it will not offer you with quality tone. The shape of the HR-1 resembles that of the FG folk guitar. Thus, this is the reason that the product is known to offer symmetry between the small and compact size.

If you are new at guitar playing, you need to get a product that is small and simple to handle. That way, you will not struggle to deal with a jumbo guitar that is heavy. At the same time, if you will be going to the guitar classes, you will have an easier time traveling back and forth using a mini guitar as compared to using a large product. The small structure of this instrument is what makes it a preferred tool for those who are learning how to play the guitar.

Those who enjoy travel, camping, or performing on the streets is likely to enjoy the small nature of this instrument. Since it can fit in small spaces, those traveling with this instrument are likely to have an easy time.  It’s a great acoustic guitar for traveling.

When it comes to the hardware of the Yamaha JR-1, you will enjoy the fact that the rear and the front part is made of Meranti. It has a vintage spruce top, thus, giving it a traditional appearance. One of the traits that make this guitar have issues is that everything is laminated. Though this is a guitar that is mass-produced and looks generic, you can do some upgrade to give it a bit of style. Some upgrade to consider is to change up the stringing or change the set-up.


Since this is a beginner guitar and it is small, you should manage your expectations when it comes to sound. That is not to say that the sound quality is low; it only means that the sound is limited. Unlike the massive guitars that can offer a range of tones, with the JR-1 you will find that it provides solid mid-range tones.

You have to note this is not a guitar that can compete with the full-bodied instruments in terms of output. In case you need a guitar that will be loud and boom, the Yamaha JR-1 is likely to disappoint you. This is an instrument for those who find the full-scale guitar being too bulky and uncomfortable. It is a quality guitar for those who are looking to scale down from the massive guitars.

What you are bound to enjoy from the JR-1 is that it offers solid mid-ranges. Though it lacks bass, the intended use of this device is not bad at all. When you compare the instruments tool with other mini guitars, you will find that it delivers a quality tone. Other than learning, it can be used for performing in small spaces.


  • Great component
  • Great gear
  • Suitable for travel
  • Suitable for children
  • Sturdy
  • Light
  • Easy to carry


  • Not suitable for those with large hands


In case you are wondering if the JR-1 is worth the investment, then the answer is yes. The guitar offers the best experience for kids and those who are starting, also, this is an economical device. Most of the companies that make cheap instruments usually reduce the quality of the hardware. However, that is not the case when you get the Yamaha JR-1. Though the product is affordable for an acoustic under $200, you are assured of getting a fair body and parts for its price level. Yamaha JR-1 might not be the finest guitars on the market, but it will get the job done.

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