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5 Best Strings For 8 String Guitar

Do you have an eight string guitar that is ready to be restrung? Not sure which 8 string guitar set to choose? Check these out.

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D’Addario NYXL0980

The D’Addario NYXL0980 nickel plated electric guitar strings are a very strong, durable and dependable set of guitar strings. They have the ability to last longer than most other guitar string sets. They are equipped with a rounded core, making them easier to play than regular round wound strings and provide clear, bright tone that sounds true.

They are made in the USA and are recommended by many players.

NYXL’s improved tuning stability and reduced breakage, while providing a smooth, accurate tone.

They are an excellent choice for 8 string guitars due to their versatility and balanced tone.

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Ernie Ball 8-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom

The Ernie Ball 8-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings are great for 8-string guitarists to use. They are very durable, and the tone is great. These are a lower cost option with a thinner low B to maintain tension for longer periods of time.

Another benefit is that the strings are designed specifically for 8-string guitarists. This helps the guitarist to have an accurate tuning. The tone is bright and clear, but not harsh.

They also have that signature slinky feel that all Ernie Ball strings are known for. They aren’t as flexible as other brands such as Elixir, but they also don’t break and fray nearly as easily. The tone is more defined, and the bright is much more noticeable than other strings.

They are a little thicker than average, which helps sustain.

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The GHS GBXL-8 is the industry standard for 8-string guitar strings. They are known for being bright and durable, giving a strong, clear sound.

These nickel plated steel strings are built for long life and hard playing. They will provide a bright attack and good sustain. They have a medium-thin feel for easy playability. These are good, all-around strings.

They also come in a range of different gauge combinations. Users are sure to find one that suits their needs.

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Ernie Ball 2625

The Ernie Ball 2625 is a great string for 8 string guitar. It has the best quality in sound and feel, and it is easy on the fingers. The 2625 has slightly more tension than most 8 string strings, but it is not nearly as hard on the fingers as some of the other brands on this list.

These are designed with a hex shaped core and nickel plating. Not only do these strings provide a great tone and feel, but they are affordable and easy to maintain.

These strings are excellent for 8 string guitar and suitable for all genres of music.

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Stringjoy HVY108

The Stringjoy HVY108 is a low tension, high quality string for the 8 string guitar. It is made of high carbon steel and has a nickel coating to help reduce friction. The strings have an even brightness that is ideal for any type of music style. They also have a uniform tension and low noise from the frets that makes playing fast passages and solos easier than ever before. This string is great for beginners and pro players who are looking to improve their tone over time.

One thing to note about these strings is how smooth they are to play. You will hardly notice the difference in tension from other strings. You can play with ease and focus on your music without worrying about feeling like the string will break or pop out of its tuning. And if you have ever played a string that is too high in tension, you know how uncomfortable it can be to play. These strings avoid this problem completely and make playing 8 string guitars a joy for everyone.

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First, the frequency range is different from the 6 and 12 string guitars, so a new set of strings requires some tweaking to find that perfect tone, feel and pitch that you are looking for. Second there is no standard tuning pitch for the string set as there are many tunings that work well with an 8 string guitar.