Jasmine S35 Dreadnought review

READ This Jasmine S35 Dreadnought Review Before You Buy

The Jasmine S35 Dreadnought is a great-looking acoustic guitar. It has exceptional features and a big, bold sound that is representative of extraordinary value, which makes it a must have. It is ideal for any player who is looking for a well-built guitar that is easy to play. The budget segment is completely redefined by the Jasmine S35. There is simply no guitar that sounds as good at this price point.  Definitely among the top acoustic guitars at the price.

There are many individuals who are wary of the quality of an inexpensive guitar because they are concerned about the quality it might produce. However, the Jasmine S35 provide cost saving while making no compromise on sound quality.

The guitar was designed by Takamine, which is a Japanese company. However, it is now owned by KMC Music Company. The guitars are factory-made in China and they produce a rich, bold and balanced tone. When it comes to the build, it seems that a thing or two was taken from the Jasmine S34C.


Jasmine S35 Features

The Jasmine S35 provides good quality; however, there is definitely a level of compromise, which is understandable when purchasing at such a low price range. Where this guitar is concerned, laminated materials are used on its body. This guitar has a dreadnought body with a 25.5-inch scale. It is constructed with selected laminated spruce on its top and its back and the sides have laminated nato.

The select spruce top features Jasmine’s Advanced “X” Bracing making the guitar light but sturdy. The slim neck goes a far way in providing exceptional playability and a comfortable feel. Its smooth satin finish capitalizes on resonance for finest sound quality, which makes it luxurious to the touch and good to the feel.

The 25.5-inch scale guitars are the largest of the bunch and they deliver a thicker, deeper sound than their smaller counterparts. The satin finish and guitar scale make the Jasmine S35 a big bold guitar. That makes it a remarkable choice acoustic for kids and beginners.

This Jasmine S35 is made from agathis, which mimics mahogany. The material is a lightweight and sturdy that produces bright highs and round mids. It has a smooth rosewood fretboard with modest Pearloid dot inlays and 20 frets. The nut width is 1.75 inches.

The model is not too fancy; however, it delivers big bang for your bucks. It is definitely an attractive guitar with sleek playability and a durable build. It also has a nice satin finish which is being highlighted since it serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes the guitar look less cheap and more like a quality instrument. Secondly, it assists in optimizing the sound quality and resonance.

Nothing is out of the ordinary where the hardware is concerned. With that said, the components opt-out for dependable guitar material. A rosewood bridge is at the bottom of the instrument and it has a synthetic bone compensated saddle. Additionally, the nut is made from rosewood. There is also a set of chrome-covered tuners on the headstock, which can hold a tune fairly well, even though they are not stable as their Squier or Epiphone competitors.


Many do not expect a lot from a cheap guitar when it comes to tone; however, the Jasmine S35 will provide a pleasant surprise to players. Its projection is big and clear and its tone is reasonably well balanced. It is definitely not good enough for stage performances; however, there is adequate tone to work with for beginners and even more experienced players who are seeking an inexpensive guitar to bash around on. Additionally, it provides a balanced and rich sound with a pretty treble and a bold mid. This produces a warm tone that creates balanced mids and highs. The sound is full even though the lows are a tad thin.


  • Very affordable and well suited for individuals on a limited budget
  • Best practice guitar
  • Produces impressive sound relative to its cost


  • It is not outfitted with electronics
  • It is sold as a stand-alone instrument
  • The sound it produces is not for professional players


The highly-affordable Jasmine S35 guitar will come in handy for those who have a desire to learn and are working with a small budget. In comparison to the majority guitars currently available on the market, the S35 is a great choice due to its ease of play and advanced features. Some fine tuning might be required once in a while; however, it will play perfectly for the beginner, if given the opportunity.