Ibanez V70CE

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Guitar Review

Among the line of the top Ibanez acoustic guitars, there is one that I wanted to include.

Ibanez V70CE Features

The Ibanez V70CE is a great guitar that has a lot of features that make it stand out. First, the guitar has a dreadnought body size and cutaway for increased upper fret access. It has an oak back and sides with standard alder top.

The chrome tuners work well and the guitar is built with a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard.


The electronics are passive with simple controls. The guitar has a built in tuner and two EQ knobs for bass and treble adjustments. This guitar can be plugged in to an amp or can be played acoustically where it sounds great, but I have found that the electronics are not the greatest.

It comes in gloss poly from the factory.


The neck of this guitar is not as thick as some, but still feels nice. The nut width is 1.68 inches and the scale length is 25.75 inches. I find that this guitar is not as fast as the Fender style acoustic guitars but it can be made to sound very good with some effort that anyone can put into it.

These are great acoustics that are versatile for both beginners and professionals alike because of its playability and tone controls.

Sound Quality

This guitar is good for fingerpicking and strumming alike. It sounds lovely with a bow and has a nice spruce top.

This guitar will require some work to get it sounding optimum, but this is to be expected with all acoustic guitars. It can be difficult to play for people with larger hands, especially if they have long fingers, but the strings are easy to push down and they keep their tuning well.

Value For The Money

This is a good value guitar. It might need some work but for the price, it sounds nice and has great balance with its tone.

If you’re looking for a good starter acoustic guitar, the Ibanez V70CE is a good quality and affordable option.


  • It has a sweet tone and the rosewood fingerboard adds to this guitar.
  • It is affordable and well-built.
  • The guitar is well constructed and it’s comfortable to play.


It is fairly large so it may not be good for smaller players.

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Who Is The Ibanez V70CE Good For?

This guitar is great for beginners who are willing to put in some time to make their guitar sound its best. It is also a good choice for professionals because it sounds nice and has good balance.


Not the most impressive guitar but, is still pretty nice. The tone is clean and bright with no buzz or unwanted room vibrations. The sound of the acoustic is not extremely loud but it does have a clear tone that can be easily heard even when playing sock.