Ibanez AC340OPN

Ibanez AC340OPN Acoustic Guitar Review

If you have been looking for a good small option, this Ibanez acoustic guitar may be the right thing for you.

Ibanez AC340OPN Features

Never mind the fact that this guitar is easy on your wallet, it also has some great features that you will love. With a solid mahogany top and mahogany back and sides, you can be sure of giving your music some more flavor than ever before.

The mahogany neck is what you get on this acoustic guitar and it is the perfect size for the beginner who does not want to have too much stress.


On top of that, the rosewood fingerboard is perfectly designed to be easy on your fingers. As well as being made from mahogany, it also includes a rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays. This makes the overall aesthetic of the guitar look great and will surely give you a better grip on your instrument.


Playing this guitar is a breeze. The strap buttons can easily be adjusted to fit the body perfectly. The action is also very good and you will barely notice any changes when it comes to playing this guitar.

The string tension is also a great thing about this guitar. It lets you play extremely well without any difficulties in the hands and fingers of your hands.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of this guitar is also great. It can be tuned perfectly and gives you a great tone every time. Simply put, you will not be disappointed by the way this guitar sounds.

The overall sound, whether amplified or not is something you are going to love. The highs are well represented while the lows are still firm enough to make you want to use this guitar for years to come. The top has a very crisp sound that you will love and enjoy playing for hours on end without feeling any discomfort at all.

Value For The Money

The value for the money in this guitar is something you will love. It is a great option if you want to play an acoustic guitar and still save some money. The price you pay for the guitar is definitely worth it and, like I said before, if you want to spend some time playing this guitar, it will be one of the best small options on your list.


  • The guitar is small, but it can still provide you with some great sound quality.
  • It plays well and has a good sound quality.


Not much to say about this guitar. It is a great instrument and, if you want to save some money and play an acoustic guitar, this may be the right option for you. There are no negative things about the performance of this guitar; it brings all the qualities that you want and need to enjoy your music without any stress. This is a great starter option that will let you begin your music career with no regrets.

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Who Is The Ibanez AC340OPN Good For?

The Ibanez AC340OPN Acoustic Guitar is a great option for beginners who want to practice and enjoy the art of playing acoustic guitar. It brings you everything you need and, if you want to learn how to play this guitar, you will not be disappointed at all. It is a great option that can easily fit into your budget and still help you out in terms of playing an acoustic guitar.


The Ibanez AC340OPN is a great acoustic guitar to consider if you want to spend some time playing. The value for the money is definitely something you will thank yourself for as it is by far the best small option on the market. It has some great features and some great sound quality as well. Simply put, if you want a guitar that fits on your budget and on your fingers, this guitar will surely do that for you.