best acoustic guitar tuner

THESE 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuners Will Keep Tune!

As any established instrumentalist will tell you, the use of a tuner for your guitar is critical if you want to create seamless music. Regardless of whether you’re a starter or a pro, there are only so many factors you can control. As with all other stringed instruments, an acoustic guitar is prone to go […]

best clip on guitar tuner

10 Best Clip On Guitar Tuners For Your Headstock

Every guitarist wants to spend more time playing than tuning their ax, but hey — it takes broken eggs to make omelette. You’ve got to spend a while every now and then tuning your stringed instruments, best ensuring every string sings as it was designed to. And that brings the need to invest in a […]

best tuner pedal

10 Best Tuner Pedals For Easy Guitar Tuning

It’s the guitarist’s equivalent of doing dishes; keeping your guitar in tune. It’s not fun, and most of the times you’d rather dive into playing straight away than waste precious minutes trying to achieve perfect tune. But then again, you want your guitar to sound like er, well, an actual guitar. You know, rather than […]

best guitar tuner

GET IN TUNE With These 10 Best Guitar Tuners Today!

In musical circles, there are certain unspoken rules, one of which being that trying to play without a being in tune is like trying pull the sun from the sky and put it in your pocket –insanely IMPOSSIBLE! This is when you need the best guitar tuner. Quick Links To Our Top Guitar Tuner Recommendations […]

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THESE 10 Best Locking Tuners Make String Changes Easy!

Traditional tuners could help your guitar maintain its tune; however, their capabilities are kind of limited. Routine wear and tear could cause your guitar to fall out of tune. And then there are fluctuating weather conditions to deal with too. Quick Links To Our Best Locking Tuners Choices Here is my list of locking tuners […]

what are guitar locking tuners

REVEALED: How Do Locking Tuners Work & Are They Worth It?

If there is one thing every guitarist would love to gain control over their instrument is tuning stability. Stability helps you stay in tune no matter how hard you hit the strings. Having a stable guitar also saves you the agony of tuning wires every now and then. Unfortunately, there are many elements in a […]

why do guitars go out of tune

REVEALED: Why Do Guitars Go Out Of Tune?

Some instruments stay in tune for a long time. However, a guitar will generally need to be tuned on a more frequent basis. If you have ever wondered why do guitars go out of tune, there are many answers to that one question. Why Do Guitars Go Out Of Tune? There are many reasons why […]