how to tune an acoustic guitar

LOOK: How To Tune An Acoustic Guitar Properly – Many Ways

Want to learn how to tune a guitar? Acoustic or acoustic electric. This is a basic guide on how to tune an acoustic guitar in a number of different ways and includes some helpful tips and tricks to tune your guitar perfectly every time when you guitar goes out of tune.

Many Ways To Tune An Acoustic Guitar To Standard Tuning

With A Tuner

This is probably the easiest method to tune your guitar, though you will need a guitar tuner. So get your tuner out and follow this video:

Different Types Of Tuners

Manually Without A Tuner By Ear For Beginners

Again, tuning by ear is easy once you know how! Please view this video below, we have explained it in great detail:

Using Harmonics

This will be just another method for you to tune your acoustic guitar or other musical instrument, but this time using harmonics. Harmonic tuning is similar to by ear tuning with the exception that you use harmonics instead of frets on the neck. Check this video for the method:

Using Online Tools Or Tuning Apps

There are a number of online guitar tuners available that you can check out. Below are some links to a few that we recommend:

  • GuitarTuna
  • Pro Guitar Tuner

With A Piano, Keyboard Or Pitch Pipe

This is a simple method and once you know how, you will never need a tuner again when using your tuning pegs! So watch this video to learn the basics:

What About Alternate Tunings?

Alternate tunings are a bit different than standard tuning. Like if you want to tune to Eb, drop D flat, C sharp, 444 hz, open G. Here is a great video that goes over this:

Final Words On Tuning Your Acoustic

There you have it folks! You have now learned how to tune your acoustic guitar or acoustic electric guitar using many different methods.