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THESE 5 Best Travel Guitar Nylon String Classical Are Awesome

Looking for the best nylon string travel guitar?  We put together our list of favorites right here!

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Our Best Nylon String Travel Guitar Reviews

Cordoba Mini M

The Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar has a lightweight body and a powerful vocal sound that is really outstanding.  Simply said, this instrument is crafted with the highest quality wood materials available, which directly contribute to the guitar’s overall quality and performance.

The small nylon strings are ideal for people who are beginning to play for the first time, as well as for travel.  They increase playability and overall quality.

There’s also a Cordoba gig bag, which is just fantastic for touring.  In any case, the natural satin finish makes it look very stunning.


  • Because it includes a pair of nylon strings, a handy design, and is lightweight, almost anyone can play on this guitar.
  • Impressive performance – The sound quality on this guitar is incredible.
  • Great durability – Because the materials are of good quality and the guitar is fashioned of them, the instrument’s longevity is excellent.


  • It buzzed a bit out of the box – needs a set up job when you first get it.

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Hohner HC03

The Hohner HC03 Classical Guitar is unquestionably one of the travel guitars that offers significant advantages to the user.  Simply put, the overall design is lovely, and the materials are of excellent quality.

This guitar’s spruce top and catalpa back and sides make it ideal for long and gruelling gigs and performances.  In addition, it is designed for youngsters aged 8 to 13.

Nonetheless, you will gain a lot from it because it is a Hohner A+ guitar with several benefits for anybody.


  • Robust components – Given that the components are composed of the best wood and high-quality materials, this guitar is quite durable.
  • This one is ideal for beginners – if you want to learn how to play the guitar, this is the one for you.
  • All of the characteristics make it simple for kids to play this guitar.
  • Solid sound quality — This guitar’s sound quality is nearly flawless, which means you may use it for almost any situation.


  • A little difficult to play for those with large hands.

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Yamaha GL1

The Yamaha GL1 Guitalele, Natural travel guitar will undoubtedly serve as a worthy replacement for your principal instrument while on the road.  This small but valuable guitar, for example, is built of the best materials and features nylon strings.

Perhaps the finest feature of this portable ukulele is that it sounds like a real instrument.  Simply put, the tuning is set to ‘’A,” and the sound quality of the instrument is excellent.

In any case, these small travel acoustic guitars comes with a nice protective bag that provides excellent protection for practically any occasion.


  • Because this is a compact and lightweight guitar, it is easy to take with you on your travels.
  • With a protective case bag included, you can be assured that your guitar will be safe and sound while on the road.


  • More likely to go out of tune than other guitars.

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Donner Guitalele DGL-1

Donner Guitalele DGL-1 28″ Travel Guitar Donner Guitalele DGL-1 28″ Travel Guitar Donner Guitalele DGL
The ukulele is undoubtedly one of the most ideal and practical travel instruments available.  Simply said, this small guitar is intended to be one-of-a-kind and attractive.

There are now six nylon strings, and the overall size of this small guitar is the same as that of the baritone.  As a result, if you need to preserve room when travelling, this guitar will come in handy.

The fact that this acoustic travel guitar comes with a gig bag, strap, spare strings, a digital clip-on tuner, and a variety of other accessories is maybe the nicest feature.  With this lovely travel guitar bundle, you will essentially be fully equipped.


  • The finest wood woods, such as mahogany, spruce, and others, are used to construct this instrument.
  • This guitar’s overall performance and tone quality are simply outstanding.
  • This little guitar is capable of producing the best sound quality for a travel guitar ever.
  • This guitar comes with a gig bag, extra strings, a digital clip-on tuner, and other fun accessories.


  • It’s easy to get out of tune.

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Anygig Travel Nylon Strings Guitar

The Anygig Travel Nylon Guitar will undoubtedly come in handy on every future trip you take.
Simply expressed, because it is a portable type guitar, this practice guitar is very useful for any circumstance.

First and foremost, this guitar is designed for right-handed players and features nylon classic strings, ensuring excellent performance. Also, the scale length of the this guitar is 25.5 inches, which isn’t much considering you’ll be using it on the road.  Armrest, output audio jack and cable, and an easy carry travel case are among the items included in the kit.


  • This travel guitar is designed to perform well and to be used by a large number of people without difficulty.
  • The nylon 028 to 045 strings will undoubtedly provide you with the greatest performing practise guitar.


  • There is a small annoyance in the form of a buzzing noise but that can be easily fixed with a proper setup job.

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Best Travel Nylon String Guitar Conclusion

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These are all excellent picks for classical nylon stringed guitars ready for a travel or vacation so you won’t miss a day of playing while on the road!  These types of guitars are a great alternative guitar for traveling over a steel string like a Little Martin.