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THESE 10 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Under 100 Are NICE!

For an individual who has just made the decision to enter the world of guitar playing, the process of finding the right musical instrument at the right cost can be quite exhausting. Being unaware of what to look for in budget-friendly cheap acoustic guitars could result in the purchase of something that is either of poor quality or something that is not worth the cost.

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The list of the best acoustic guitar under 100 that is outlined below is designed to highlight the most affordable and best quality acoustic guitars you can get in this price category.

Our Under $100 Acoustic Guitars Reviews

1.  Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar

In one box, this guitar kit provides everything that is needed by the aspiring guitar player. The acoustic guitar is made of wood with an attractive high-gloss finish and it has steel guitar strings and measures 38 inches. Included in the package is a digital clip-on tuner, a guitar bag, a strap, additional strings and plectrums. You will also be provided with access to online face-to-face guitar lessons free of cost to assist you on your musical path.

The company is aware of the growing pains associated with learning to play and as such, they designed this highly impressive kit that feels great, looks amazing and caters to every need of the player who is learning the art.

Its neck and body are made from 100 percent wood and was designed by guitar enthusiasts for guitar enthusiasts. The instrument is easy to play, produces a warm tone and the size and shape of the body are meant to accommodate learners of every age. There are 19 frets on its neck and the steel strings are designed to hold their tune for longer. There are also metal gear heads that will endure regular tuning.


  • Easy to play.
  • Decent tone for the price.


  • The action makes it a little hard to play for new players.

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2.  YMC 38″ Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Available in blue, black, pink and natural and pink, this guitar has a full wood construction and steel strings and is of remarkable quality yet reasonably priced. There are two pickguards, a shoulder strap, a gig bag, nine picks, a pick holder, a pitch pipe and an additional set of strings included with the guitar.

It is very attractive with its nice glossy finish. For beginners who are looking for a budget-friendly acoustic guitar, the YMC 38 inch could be ideal for you. The features of the starter package which is designed for the learner are quite extraordinary. It is just an impressive instrument with a decent build. The tuning gears are made from chrome and the body is made from wood. It is quite versatile and all over the world, beginners are flocking to this guitar. Among its impressive features is the fact that it can be played at some small venues. More advanced players also use the instrument to show off their skills as they develop.


  • Great Starter guitar for beginners
  • Cheap
  • It has smooth and easy fretboard for playing.


  • Tuning heads take time to loosen up completely because of how tight they are when first received.

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3.  AmazonBasics Beginner Full Size Acoustic Guitar

Amazon has been known come out strong with their own line of products to contend with best-selling models in many different categories and when it comes to guitars, there is no exception. Available at an affordable cost, this guitar was designed in a clean, dreadnought style with its mahogany neck and spruce and Okoume-wood body.

It is a wonderful option for both the beginner and small children and this acoustic instrument features a slender easy-to-play mahogany neck and smooth curves. Even though it is designed for the beginner, it is a full-size 41-inch guitar with basswood and spruce construction. It is quite durable, very beautiful and produces rich acoustics that will encourage and entice the budding guitarist to keep practicing and enjoying the learning process, whether creating his or her own or learning their favorite cover songs. Getting your first guitars can invoke feelings of nostalgia; so you should make it unforgettable with this amazing acoustic guitar designed for the beginner.

The guitar comes with a gig bag, additional picks, strings and a clip-on tuner to make sure the look and sound fully complement each other. In addition, a smooth strap is included to provide comfortable placement while standing, whether performing before a crowd or practicing in front of a microphone.


  • Good sound for a beginner guitar
  • Cheap
  • Good quality for the price


  • String height too high on fretboard for some players.

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4.  ARTALL 39 Inch Handmade Solid Wood Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

If you want to start your musical journey with an excellent guitar, ARTALL guitar would meet your requirements because of its adequate quality and reasonable price. The ARTALL 39 in guitar is suitable for teenagers or beginners owing to its exquisite and ingenious small-sized shape.

This guitar procents clear and melodious sound, which would be impressive and memorable. Complete free gifts give you perfect first-playing experience, which would free you from finding parts one by one. With its wonderful sound quality and affordable cost, this exceptional guitar is well worth its ranking as one of the best acoustic guitar under 100.

Elegant Cutaway Appearance: unique cutaway design integrates with luxuriant glossy blue finish exterior give the guitar peculiar visual perception and promote players artistry. Appropriate Timbers & Melodic Sound: superb handcrafted solid basswood body and brass fret, appropriate timbers invest the guitar high-quality properties and graceful sound.

Including Complete Starter Free Gifts: Gig bag, tuner, strings, picks, strap. Free the players from feeling confused due to lack of spare parts. Easy to Be Tuned : E-tuner and professional tuning introduction are provided to simplify tuning procedure for players to start guitar playing quickly and easily.
Standard Full Size (39″): especially suitable for the guitar players over 12 years old or with the height above 5 feet.


  • Reliable and sturdy.
  • Affordable price at under $100.
  • Produces clean, deep tone with bright highs and soft mids.


  • Strings can become loose after repeated use.

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5.  First Act Discovery Acoustic 30″

This First Act guitar provides an enjoyable playing experience on its six-string 30-inch instrument. Children aged 6 to 9 are recommended to play which is made from plastic. The majority of guitars, even the budget-friendly varieties are made from some type of wood. The neck and body are molded together because it makes this children’s toy instrument more durable. It is not available with a strap, instruction book or a pick and its fretboard is made of plastic and outfitted with plastic frets that are screwed on top of its neck. In addition, there is a plastic bridge that is attached under the round sound hole.

There are metal tuners with plastic knobs and non-nylon strings are used to pre-string the guitar. To safeguard the fingers from being poked by the string-ends, items known as string post covers have been added, which are actually kinda cool. You can place stickers on the fretboard to help you to become familiar with the names of the strings. Based on the model you choose, the designs paint or job can be a conventional-looking sunburst color or you can choose from brightly colored licensed cartoon characters.


  • Well-priced
  • Comfortable, sleek body
  • Sounds good
  • great little guitar starter pack


  • Unpredictable tunings and strings.

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6.  Hohner 6 String Acoustic Guitar (HAG250P)

This acoustic guitar is among the most popular classical guitars that is designed for children aged between 5 and 8 years old. It costs under $50 and this is a price tag that is quite popular with many parents.

Unless your kid insists that he or she wants to learn to play on an electric guitar, the best choice is perhaps the classical. This is partly because its nylon strings are a tad easier on little fingers. This platform is offered by the Hohner HAG250P even though it is obvious that there are some compromises on craftsmanship and materials to keep it budget friendly.

The ½ size guitar has a conventional non-cutaway vibe that is used for 90{0794a961920d97099aea99cac5a861228867c4461e5cf936a4873e99fb4a0da6} of classical guitars available. The look is great with a little black pickguard and black binding. It is ideal for children who are interested in learning to play and its top, sides and back are made out of agathis, it has a generic hardwood fretboard and a mahogany neck. The joining is at the 12th fret and there are a full 18 frets. Though mass-produced, it is quite durable and comfortable to hold.


  • It has a nice spruce wood top


  • The sound quality is not that great.

Our Rating –

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7.  CNBLUE Acoustic Guitar 36 inch

The CNBLUE Acoustic Classical Guitar is an impressive 36-inch handcrafted beginner acoustic guitar for children who have expressed a desire to play or whose parents want then to develop their playing skills. It is a legit wood guitar that is well suited for the small beginner. With its smooth curves, the CNBLUE features a full-size and durable dreadnought body which promotes comfort while being played. Its solid basswood delivers a smooth, full vibrant and rich sound that is ideal for genres like country, rock and folk.

While it is a small guitar that is designed for beginners, there are more advanced players who find it difficult to tear themselves away from the guitar because of the comfortable feeling it provides when being played and the exceptional handcrafted and bright sound it produces. There are some impressive details on the CNBLUE Acoustic Guitar. For example, upscale machine head is used to install the guitar and it is designed in such a way that makes the task of tuning the guitar quite easy. This guitar is most suitable for beginners who are seeking out a reasonably-priced and quality guitar.


  • It has a great quality sound for the price
  • It includes a gig bag.


  • There is some glue residue at the bottom of the guitar body.

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8.  Best Choice Products 38in Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar

These affordable acoustic guitar starter packages are designed to make is easy for both beginners and more advanced players to jam out in style. It has steel strings, an all-wood construction and a smooth and glossy black finish which will inspire jam sessions that produce super sound with each and every strum. Whether you have mastered every chord or you are learning the basics, this starter set will have you rocking and rolling for hours on end.

Its overall dimensions are 38 inches in length by 3.25 inches in width by 14 inches in height. It is black, wooden and weighs in at 4.7 pounds. It is designed for right-handed players. The cutaway guitar package includes the guitar, pick, case, shoulder strap, pitch pipe, extra replacement strings and digital e-tuner.

For the cost, you will be hard-pressed to locate a guitar of this quality designed for beginner. It is small and lightweight, which makes it easier for smaller players. Players who are more advanced may find that there are some things lacking in this particular guitar; however, it is ideal someone just learning to play.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • 38 inch body for a full-sized guitar experience.
  • Includes strap and carry bag to transport your guitar.
  • All wood construction for durability and quality sound.


  • A little hard to play.

Our Rating –

Check The Latesr Price On The Best Choice Products 38in

9.  First Act Natural Acoustic Guitar (FG1106)

First Act Natural Acoustic Guitar (FG1106) is among the offerings of First Act guitars that are designed for kids. The FG1106 is basically a beginner student guitar which features a body plastic that provides an exceptional sound. It has a thin neck that offers lower string action and a rosewood fretboard to ensure comfortable playability for children.

Its rosewood fingerboard and natural color both combine to deliver quite a professional vibe from the instrument. In addition, it produces a mature tone; however, its acrylic body has some amount of impact on the overall quality of the sound. Furthermore, the size of the FG1106 is among the features that never fails to capture the attention of young guitar enthusiast.

The key features include its natural color, the rosewood fretboard and the acrylic acoustic guitar natural body. It is 30 inches in size, which makes it suitable for children to master. Its low string action is often highlighted because it makes it so much easier for children to handle the instrument. There is also a thin fret that assists children in playing the guitar as well. It also has a string post cape to protect those small fingers. There are also Learn-A-Chord cards that are designed to help with quicker learning.


  • Good sound
  • Good to learn on


  • Plastic tuning knobs and bridge are a little cheap feeling
  • Very light, which may be a con for some people

Our Rating –

Check The Latesr Price On The First Act Natural Acoustic Guitar (FG1106)

10.  Tiger Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Kit

The Tiger Acoustic Guitar kit is ideal for those who are starting to learn to play the guitar. The kit features everything that is needed to get started which includes a full-size cutaway acoustic instrument, an extra set of strings, a nylon gig bag and a guitar strap. There is a ‘low action’ setup that is designed to assist players who are not used to pressing down strings; this is a feature that is not commonly found on the majority of budget guitars.

As previously mentioned, the guitar has a cutaway design and this is meant to assist the player in easily accessing the higher frets on the instrument. In addition, the guitar strings are of impressive quality, especially when it is considered that this is a low-end guitar for beginners. Die cast chrome machine heads were used to fit up this guitar to ensure that it stays properly in tune and it can be precisely tuned because of the heavy-duty pegs. There are extra strings included and these will ensure that you will never be disadvantage by the unexpected breaking of a string. The Tiger acoustic guitar kit includes everything that’s need to get going immediately.


  • Affordable.
  • Comes With accessories making it a great starter pack.


  • Not the best quality.

Our Rating –

Check The Latesr Price On The Tiger Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Kit

What to Look for in a Budget Acoustic

When seeking to purchase a budget acoustic guitar under 100 dollars, considering build quality is a major part of the process. This is because the materials used to make an acoustic guitar are vital. The resulting sound is greatly influenced by choice of tonewoods that are used for the body, neck, bridge and fingerboard. Guitars with woods such as maple, mahogany, spruce and rosewood are the most sought after. There are denser tonewoods that produce a warmer sound. They are not as clear or loud as the vibrant tonewoods; however, they have additional character.

The body type should also be considered and there are three body types from which to choose: the steel string dreadnought acoustic, jumbo and parlor. The dreadnought has an understated boxy shape which produces a midrange scoop, in which the vocals lie in the mix. This type is ideal for solo performers, singers and songwriters. The jumbo is bigger and produce additional air within their sound holes; this indicates that the sound produced is fuller, larger and emit an energetic feeling and life that are lacking in dreadnought guitars. The parlor type is as they are designed for kids and quite suitable for travel guitars.

What to Expect in This Price Range

Because they are on the lowest end of the acoustic price range, it is not an automatic indication that guitars under $100 are junk. Actually, some of the guitars chosen above have had top ratings in their categories. If you are a beginner on a budget, you will definitely find these guitars well suited for your needs when it comes to sound, reliability, comfort and playability. These are certainly inexpensive guitar models; however, they should not be looked on as being cheap. For those with a budget that limits you to spending $100 or less, you can considerably cut your research and shopping time short by selecting from these reasonably-priced guitars.

Many low-cost yet quality guitars under $100 are designed to get you to start straight out of the box. Nevertheless, as a guitar owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your investment is worth it, regardless of how small it is. Your instrument might look or sound like high-end models but there are improvements that can be made to make it play and sound better. These include replacing plastic parts, buying a new set of strings and keeping it in a guitar case.


Getting a nice sounding guitar does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars. There are a number of good-quality, well-made low-budget guitars available on the market. All you need to do is to take your time and do a bit of research to find the right one for you. Determine which instrument sounds the best for what you’re trying to accomplish and for the budget you have. You should also determine which instrument just feels naturally like it is definitely the one you must have. It is a guarantee that all of the previously-mentioned ones are among the top options.