are epiphone guitars good

REVEALED: Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Good?

If you are a beginner, at that point you’re likely coming into this definitely realizing a couple of guitar brands. What’s more, the Epiphone brand is one that the vast majority have known about, even individuals who don’t play an instrument. However, on the grounds that a brand is notable doesn’t imply that it’s a decent brand. In the event that you’re thinking about purchasing an Epiphone guitar, at that point let us assist you with settling on that choice by noting if their instruments are any acceptable.

What are Epiphone guitars?  Are They Good?

If you thought Gibson was old, at that point you might be astounded to discover that the best Epiphone acoustic guitars has much prior sources! They are good!  Set up in 1873, Epiphone began as a fiddle maker in Turkey that later moved to the USA when the new century rolled over, delivering mandolins much like Gibson. Wild rivals in the archtop guitar showcase all through the ’30s and ’40s, Epiphone was later obtained by Gibson in 1957. Basically turning into Gibson’s “spending image”, Epiphone remains the main organization on the planet that can deliver authoritatively authorized Gibson structures.

Do Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Have Solid Tops?

Some Epiphone acoustic guitars have a solid top. Historically, most Epiphone guitars had laminated tops, but they now offer some with good solid tops. Solid tops on some Epiphone acoustic guitars offer a brighter sound than laminated tops. One of the main differences between laminated and solid tops is that solid top guitars may not sustain as long because they vibrate less than laminated instruments.

How Easy Is It To Learn Guitar On An Epiphone Acoustic?

The ease of learning guitar on an Epiphone acoustic depends on which specific acoustic you own. Epiphone makes a large selection of acoustic guitars, some of which are easier to play than others. In general, however, all Epiphone acoustic guitars are well balanced and have a quality sound that will challenge any musician.

Are Epiphone guitars Of Great Quality?

If you ask any good guitar player deserving at least some respect how they feel about Epiphone guitars, at that point you’ll most likely get some blended audits. That is on the grounds that they make some incredible guitars and some that are not very good sounding. What’s more, now and then they have a guitar that is marvellous to such an extent that it executes the deals of the Gibson marked models, and the parent organization isn’t obsessed with that. For example, the strong body Epiphone Del Rey model was designed according to a Gibson Les Paul twofold cut. Workmanship and assembling principles were high to such an extent that Gibson murdered the model. Like most guitars, you get what you pay for with the Epiphone brands. The less expensive models are not that acceptable and the more costly models have a decent solid to them. One thing that may assist you with settling on a choice knows the Epiphone guitars are made in industrial facilities in a couple of various nations. That is the reason the disparity among the different models. As of now, Epiphone guitars are made in industrial facilities in Michigan, Indonesia, Japan, and China. For the best quality, we recommend searching for an Epiphone acoustic guitar in the $350 – $500 value go.

Some of my favorites:

  • Epiphone Casino
  • Epiphone Dot
  • Epiphone ES 335 (a Gibson ES 335 copy)
  • Epiphone SG (a Gibson SG copy)

Do they have fine finish?

While Gibsons are done with old-school nitrocellulose polish, Epiphone guitars are secured with more traditional polyester and polyurethane wraps up. These sorts of guitar finish are unquestionably more normal and are viewed as the advanced standard; utilized by practically all good significant instrument makers. Poly completes are mainstream as they offer superb security, with their thicker covering more impervious to wear and glossier in appearance. But since of this, some in this manner accept that poly-completed Epiphone guitars sound to some degree fixed and less acoustically-resounding – with decreased support. At last, it’s more subject to exactly how thick the poly finish is. The more huge explanation with regards to why such a large number of brands use poly completes is on the grounds that they are a lot less expensive to utilize. Their application is straightforward as they depend on an engineered pitch, which implies that no solvents stay after their application to a surface; solidifying totally. Poly completes in this way don’t require a few layers like nitrocellulose enamels do; setting aside time and cash.

What are the best Epiphone Guitars worth the money?

In light of our experience and audits from other guitar players, we prescribe that you mean to at any good rate $300 on your Epiphone acoustic guitar. You can locate some extraordinary alternatives in that $300 – $500 value extend, so if your spending plan is in the under $500 class you’ll locate an incredible instrument. However, in the event that you can spend somewhat more, up to $700, at that point you can show signs of improvement guitar for the cash.

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic-Electric Guitar (modest pick): At the present time we believe this is the most ideal choice for the two learners and players who are on a careful spending plan and need something modest yet good high calibre. As should be obvious, this is an extraordinary looking guitar and most likely your most ideal decision for an under $400 acoustic-electric model from Epiphone. It has a strong tidy top, which implies the more you play, the better it sounds!


  1. SlimTaper neck makes it simple to play for little hands
  2. Epiphone Has a decent vibe
  3. You get a good reliable sound from Epiphone
  4. An Epiphone really sparkles when connected to an amp
  5. Frets are smooth


  1. High activity
  2. Lackluster, level sound contrasted with better quality Epis

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar (top pick under $1000): In the event that you have slightly more squirm room in your financial plan and can burn through $700 on your new apparatus, at that point you won’t be disillusioned by this guitar. We believe it’s hands down best sounding Epiphone acoustic guitar under $1,000. Like the other acoustic guitars in this value go, it’s really an electro acoustic guitar and it sounds incredible whether connected or not. The electric acoustic from Epiphone joins customary development techniques and highlights with premium all-strong tonewoods to present to you another vintage electric guitar with profound, rich lows, sparkling highs, and the good measure of mids.


  1. SlimTaper neck makes it simple to play for little hands
  2. Has a decent vibe
  3. Solid woods
  4. Great profundity and tone
  5. Really sparkles when connected to an amp


  1. Short tuner posts
  2. Sharp saddle

Check out our full Epiphone DR-500MCE review here.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar (mid-go spending pick): If you have somewhat more cash to spend, at that point this instrument is an extraordinary decision for a decent blend of significant worth and quality. Also, it’s outstanding amongst other Epiphone acoustic electric guitar alternatives in the under $500 value extend. This enormous body guitar is Epiphone’s adaptation of the Gibson great J-200 and it sounds entirely useful for a small amount of the expense of the Gibson. It has a pleasant sound to it. The tone from the EJ-200SCE’s strong tidy top is improved by the exemplary rosewood “mustache” extension and manufactured bone seat.


  1. SlimTaper neck makes it simple to play for little hands
  2. Has a decent vibe and great activity
  3. You get an incredible, predictable sound from it
  4. Really sparkles when connected to an amp


  1. Big body not useful for littler individuals
  2. Tuners not incredible

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Bottom line

While Epiphone acoustic guitar quality can be all in or all out, on the off chance that you adhere to a tolerable spending plan, at that point you can locate some incredible sounding Epiphone instruments. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to stick with your bandmates or simply sing around the open air fire, the Epiphone acoustic electrics we’ve profiled above are on the whole great decisions. What’s more, the Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar gets our pick at the top an incentive for the cash choice.

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