12 string guitar notes

WHAT ARE The 12 String Guitar Notes?

As a guitar player, you will often come across the 12-string guitar. What sound it produces is one thing that sets it apart from other guitars. With a total of 12 strings, you may be wondering what each note is and how to play them. This article will give you an in-depth look at all the notes and how they are arranged on a 12-string guitar.

How To Tune A 12 String Guitar

First, get yourself a good tuner or tuner pedal.  It’s actually quite easy if you already know the notes of a regular guitar – you just double each note. So from the lowest string to highest:


The second “double” note is always an octave higher than the same noted string.

I would recommend is checking out this video that goes into depth on the notes of the 12 string:

What Makes A 12 String Different From A Regular Guitar?

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You might be wondering what makes a 12 string guitar different from a regular 6 string guitar. It’s the fact that it has double the amount of strings as opposed to half the amount. This means that when it comes to playing chords and riffs, you will find it much easier than on a regular guitar. In addition, the sound from each string is also unique because that’s how you get those lovely overtones.