Martin LX1 Little Martin review

READ This Martin LX1 Little Martin Review Before You Buy!

The Martin LX1 Martin is an acoustic guitar that certainly lives up to its name. Though it’s small in size, the LX1 Little Martin almost looks exactly how you would imagine a classic and best Martin acoustic guitar to look like. Its combination of black neck and pale wood body is very distinct and equally pleasing to look at.

With that said, let’s take a look into how well it plays, what it is made out of, and its main pros and cons. Here is a review of the Martin LX1 Little Martin – one of our best value acoustic guitar options.

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Martin LX1 Little Martin Features

The Martin LX1 might be small in size, but what this acoustic guitar lacks in size it compensates in build quality. Its body is made out of a combination of solid Sitka spruce and high-pressure mahogany laminate. The Sitka spruce is used on the top side, while the back and sides of this guitar get the laminated treatment, which is a pretty common combo for Martin guitar bodies.

Moving on, this guitar’s neck and fingerboard are made of a rust birch laminate and an FSC Certified Richlite material. To give the LX1 Martin a more authentic and classic look, its body and neck are perfected with a hand-brushed finish.



As mentioned earlier, the LX1 Martin is small-sized acoustic guitar. This guitar’s compact size makes it the ideal instrument for beginner and even experienced guitarists who cradling the larger guitars is a bit of a challenge to them. However, with the small size comes a minor disadvantage. Because of the size of its body, the LX1 Martin does not project sound that well, especially if you compare it to larger Martin guitars.

However, its small size shouldn’t really be seen as a disadvantage because this guitar wasn’t designed to be a big performer on stages. The LX1 Martin sound is very balanced, with every single time and note it produces feeling perfectly in tune and is audibly clear. You’ll feel a real warmth to the sound of the LX1 Martin that almost bring up the campfire vibe when you strum the chords.


  • The LX series, which is a line of ¾ acoustic guitars consists of seven models, but the best one among them is the LX1. The LX1 Martin features a traditional dreadnought style, sounds decent for its price range, and is equipped with steel strings, which is why it is widely loved by many guitarists.
  • Its small compact size makes it a great guitar for children and beginners.
  • Its fingerboard and bridge are made from East Indian rosewood, which is wood known very well for its superior quality. Also, in terms of playability, this guitar does not disappoint.
  • The LX1 Martin’s steel strings are designed to stay in tune without constant need of retuning when playing. Other than that, it produces rich deep tones that are louder than those of average mini acoustic guitars.
  • By taking one look at this guitar, you’ll clearly notice the high-quality of workmanship that was put into making it. For instance, its tuners are of a much better quality than what you’d expect on a similar guitar.


  • Some players complain about the high-pressure laminate on this guitar’s back and sides because these materials have a tendency of affecting tonal quality in small-sized acoustics. High-pressure laminate on a guitar’s body helps to improve its durability. However, it can negatively affect sound and tone quality in some models.
  • There also some guitarists who complain that they face some difficulties in handling and playing the LX1. This complaint is legitimate because of the small size of the guitar, which makes playing for a guitarist with large hands a bit challenging. So if you are someone who’s used to playing full-sized guitars, you’ll face some challenges handling the LX1 and any ¾ guitar at fast.
  • The LX1 isn’t suitable for adult beginners who are looking for full sized starter guitars. If you are one of them, there are other options that will best suit you and make learning fun and easier.


When doing research for this review, we had to tryout the Martin LX1 and truth be told, we had a lot of fun with it as it took us back in time to when we were learning how to play. You’ll be amazed when you lay your hands on this small and compact under $500 acoustic guitar. Its body feels so well made, its sound so warm and pure, and it can play all genres.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a guitar that is excellent, all-rounded, and perfect for beginners and veterans, choose the Martin LX1 Little Martin.