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THESE 5 Best Acoustic Guitars for Kids Are NICE Options!

For a kid, getting an acoustic guitar can be a life-changing experience. Many children discover a knack for playing music and end up showing great talent. The charm of the guitar is that it is lightweight and compact; you can play it anytime and anywhere. You can also make steady and quick progress. Once you begin mastering the initial chords, you are on your way to becoming a functioning guitarist.

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Kids acoustic guitars are all the rage since they produce loud, resonating, twangy sounds and can be very fun to learn. We bring you a list of the acoustic guitars for kids.  These are real guitars and not the toy guitar versions.

Our Best Children’s Acoustic Guitar Reviews

1.  Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

The Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar’s three-string set up lowers chords to the essential trio, enabling a more relaxed and quicker learning process. This guitar is small, joyful, and cute. It is made out of real wood that projects a nice and beautiful sound that is almost unbelievable for a guitar of this extent and price. With this acoustic guitar, kids can play begin playing songs on day one. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to keep on learning and learning.

It comes packed with flashcards, and it has its very own app that has everything your child could need to learn how to play. Loog also hosts free live lessons via Zoom; these thirty-minute sessions cover beginners guitar basics and are intended to be a starting guide for kids. The free Loog Guitar app includes everything your kid will need to play. It has video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook to learn by playing actual songs of many singers. It offers an augmented reality feature to learn guitar by using the selfie camera.


  • A vast range of colors
  • Easy to learn
  • Many features
  • Great intonation


  • Meant for beginners and younger kids only
  • Its lacquer cracks in cold weather

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2.  Artall 39-Inch Handmade Solid Wood Acoustic Cutaway Guitar

The Artall 39-Inch Handmade Solid Wood Acoustic Cutaway Guitar comes with numerous fundamental accessories that are essential to starting your child’s initial lessons. This guitar is excellent for teens who wish to try a beautiful guitar within a moderate price range. This steel string guitar produces excellent sound quality, and your child will encounter no challenge while playing it. The artistry of this guitar is very delightful. The body is handcrafted and made from basswood.

In addition, it contains brass fret. All this combined results in a woody harmonious tone. This guitar is for right-hand users, but you can make adjustments to make it suitable for left-hand users as well. The fantastic cutaway makes this guitar easy to play. The beginners will find this feature beneficial as it will improve their playability.

Its size is appropriate enough and not so big that it becomes a burden for the body. This guitar is not pre-tuned, but you can instantly tune it by using the E-tuner and following all the instructions. While it is suitable for 14+, many children under this scale guitar will also find it very easy to use.


  • Handmade guitars
  • A full starter kit
  • Simple tuning
  • Compact and durable frame


  • Strings get damaged easily
  • Tuning does not last long

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3.  Martin Smith 38-Inch Kids Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is well-made and meant for right-handed people. The smaller size is suitable for younger kids. They can get comfortable while holding the guitar without straining their hands or arms if they wish to play for longer sessions. The grip is one of the most important factors of working with a guitar as it enables the musicians to play better and smoother. The W-38-N design has a 19-fret fingerboard. The shiny body is composed of Linden wood, with straight grain for extra appeal. This guitar produces a warm but sharp sound and the strings are constructed to lower stress on the hands of beginners or those new to this guitar.

Although the Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar is incredibly lightweight and weighs less than 3.5 pounds, it is a sturdy and durable purchase and offers ample features as a musical instrument. Its weight also makes it the ideal instrument for a small child who is eager to dive into learning to play.


  • Two-month free lessons
  • Group online classes
  • High quality material
  • Well-build frame


  • The guitars build can be sturdier
  • It loses tune frequently

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4.  Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter Beginner

The Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter Beginner has a length of 38-inch. The instrument is also adequate for any beginners and young learners. This guitar comes packed with a carrying bag, spare strings, and a shoulder strap, making it easier for you to get everything for your child with one purchase. Also, this is a right-handed guitar that has six steel strings. The narrow neck of this guitar delivers outstanding resonance and provides terrific sound quality; this makes it a fantastic purchase.

This guitar’s straps are very easily adjustable and it comes with a 19-frets fingerboard. Its glossy texture has a decorative floral design. Its steel strings are responsible for loud and crisp sound. It has four color options: black, blue, light brown, and pink. This guitar also comes with a pitch pipe; this addition is precious because it will assist in tuning the guitar to your child’s liking, which is an essential aspect for guitarists.

While it is big for toddlers, it is the right size guitars for children between eight and thirteen years of age.


  • Perfect electron aesthetic
  • Great accessories
  • Quick tuning
  • Easy learning


  • Sound quality can improve
  • Tuning messes up

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5.  YMC 38-Inch Coffee Beginner Children’s Acoustic

This entry-level acoustic guitar starter kit has a dreadnought body. It delivers powerful and precise sound quality. The YMC 38-Inch Coffee Beginner Acoustic is a smart choice for a present for your kids as it is very budget-friendly. As an inexpensive guitar, the sound quality, artisanship, and features that it entails are very decent. Its smaller size makes it terrific for children or those that have a smaller build. Its dreadnought build has a look and feel that some of the best guitarists adore it.

It comes with many accessories that add to its charm. The look of this guitar is yet another striking aspect. It has full wood construction with Linden binding, basswood top along with back and sides. It has a maple neck, fretboard, and a gorgeous shiny finish. This guitar’s size is very comfortable as well.

It is suggested for 12+ right-handed learners. It is a six-steel string guitar. Some added accessories of this guitar include bag, nine pieces of picks with a holder and guards, an electronic tuner, and some extra strings.


  • Well built
  • Good sound
  • A complete starter guitars package
  • Range of beautiful shades


  • Tuning issues
  • Strings require frequent replacement

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How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar For Kids

Is you child showing an interest in the guitar and you need to find the perfect acoustic guitar type for your child? The process can be a little daunting, we know. But don’t fear – we’ve got your back! We’re going to give you all the tips and tricks you need to find the perfect acoustic guitar for kids.

In this section, you’re going to get four tips that are sure to help you identify the perfect acoustic guitar for kids! So if your child has started showing interest in playing guitar, read on for some information on how to pick the best guitars for them.

1. Decide on the Right Size For Your Child

One of the first things you’ll need to consider when buying the top acoustic guitars for kids is their age. And the first step in this process is determining what size of guitar they will most appreciate.

It can be difficult to tell if a child is going to like a certain instrument right away, although some instruments are no doubt easier for younger players than others. But, the best way to determine what size acoustic guitar for your kids is best suited for them is to ask them.

You should even try playing a few so they can feel them out before you make your final decision. If they’re old enough, let them play the guitars and see what feels right for them! This could be a great opportunity to bond over music as well, but that’s up to you.

2. Check the Guitar’s Neck

When buying an acoustic guitar for kids, you should take a close look at its neck. This is because the neck is extremely important in determining how they will play their instrument. So make sure you check out its wood type and shape as well as its width for added precision.

You should also make sure the kids guitar neck is easy for your child to play because that’ll help them learn their notes. You never know, you might even find out they know some chords!

3. Look at the Acoustic Guitar’s Bridge

The bridge of the guitar is a little bit more complicated than its neck. However, it’s still important in determining if your child will enjoy playing their instrument over time. So when you’re buying an acoustic guitar for kids, make sure the bridge is easy to reach and play.

You’ll also want to look out for a material that will be easy on their hands as they play. Make sure the strings are as close to the fingerboard so your child can easily play their instrument without straining their hands or fingers.

4. Try It Out

The last thing you’ll want to pay attention to when buying an acoustic guitar for kids is how it sounds. This will make or break your purchase so don’t forget to do it! Take your budding guitarist with you to a music store and let them play a few different guitars for children.

Some other quick choices:

  • Yamaha JR1
  • Cordoba Mini II
  • Rogue Starter acoustic guitar

Top Kids Acoustics Conclusion

Learning an acoustic guitar can be an exhilarating experience for a child who is fascinated by music.  With the proper type of guitars and accessories, you can make this experience for your kid enhance tenfold. The charm of an acoustic guitar is its easy mobility.

Musical instrument brands always strive to provide the best for musicians and aim for the top spot. As we have detailed all the best acoustic guitars for kids, you can wade through the list and go for whichever suits your fancy. You can rest assured that any of these would be the perfect option.