what does a flanger pedal do

LISTEN: What Does A Flanger Pedal Do And Sound Like?

What Is The Flanger Guitar Effect?

Musicians are always looking to enrich their craft. As such, there are a wealth of flanging techniques and tools out there used to create adventures in sound. One of these effects is the Flanger guitar effect.

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The Flanger effect, also known as flanging, is an audio effect that works by combining two identical signals, with one being delayed very slightly (usually less than 20 milliseconds of delay times). Using this delay over a gradually changing period produces a sweeping comb filter effect, making it sound as if peaks and notches are swept across the frequency spectrum, such as by a comb. A musician need only vary the time delay to create a further sweeping up and down effect.

To the listener, the flanger guitar effect sounds “thicker” and more spread out than a single note. The flanging effect might be described as whoosh or drainpipe sound, and can be great for creating spacey, futuristic, or ethereal-feeling sounds.

Flanging is a type of flanger modulation effect, along with phasing, chorus, vibrato and tremolo. The effect has been around since the late 1940s and 1950s, and can be found on commercial recordings from around the late 1950s. While similar to both chorus and phaser pedal, there are differences between all three effects. Namely, a chorus effect pedal uses a longer delay than with a flanging effect, and phaser effect pedal uses no delay at all.

There are a number of flanger pedals for guitar available on the market ranging in price, weight, and of course features. These flanger pedals replicate the sound of the original method, which started with two identical recordings on two reel-to-reel tape machines. The recording engineer would then use a finger to press lightly on the “flange” or rim of the tape machine, in order to slow one of them down slightly before letting them fall back into sync.

Many attribute the discovery of the effect to Les Paul, while the name flanging is said to have first been used by John Lennon in the Abbey Road studio. Whoever it was that originated the flanger effect, the effect has had a large influence on music. An early use of flangers can be heard on “The Big Hurt”, a single by Toni Fisher released in 1959. The 1967 hit by the British group, The Small Faces, called, “Itchycoo Park” was another early use of this pedal. The effect was extensively used by Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and countless others, thus the pedal was adapted in order to make the effect easier to produce.

A good flanger is a dramatic guitar effect and not all can manage it with grace, but for sure it’s a fun and cool effect to experiment with. Whether you’re new to modulation effects or already an addict, this guitar effect pedal can easily become a part of your repertoire with the right equipment. Check out online reviews or talk with your friends to find the best one for you. Or have fun getting inspired by listening to some of the greatest flanging recordings ever. They can easily be found with a quick Google search. Happy flanging!

What To Look For In A Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

Flangers are popular effects used with popular electric guitars. Irrespective of the genre of the music, these flanging pedals help players to modify their sound in various complex and subtle ways. You can find them at specific music shops as well as online marketplaces. However, the key lies in choosing the right flanger pedal to make the most out of the instrument. So what to look for in a good flanger guitar effects pedal?

Dozens of top class pedals are devoted to flanger effects, and they are also integrated into multi effect pedals. While selecting the best pedal is purely a matter of personal preference, there are certain things you need to check to get the right pedal. A few of the important considerations are detailed below.  Personally, I really like the TC Electronics Stereo Chorus flanger.

Consider reliable flanger brands

The effects pedal market is flooded with various brands. However, you should concentrate on reliable brands that have a proven track record of providing top quality effects pedals to guitarists. Never explore new brands that have not established their credibility. Buying effects pedals from a new brand means you are just throwing your money on an inferior quality pedal. Compile the names of popular brands to pick the best rated effects pedal.

Comfort level and sound conditioning flanging effects

Obviously, you want to enjoy maximum comfort while playing your guitar. So be sure the pedal brands you are considering offer maximum comfort and convenience while creating cozy tunes. Also, check the sound conditioning effects of the flanger pedal.

Although most of the effects pedals can drastically modify your sound, there are certain brands that add more subtle elements for creating a more pleasing sound. They may not be really fun to play with, but they can make a major difference between creating good sounds and truly great sounds. Check out flanger brands that provide effects pedals capable of producing amazing sound conditioning effects for creating great sounds.

Recommendations and pricing

Of course, you want to buy a high quality product within your budget range. Check the price of various brands to make an affordable selection. Also, look for recommendations and suggestions about reliable pedal brands. Many guitarists share their experience about choosing a particular brand of flanger effects pedal.

Here’s a list of some that I like:

  • Boss BF 3
  • MXR Phase 90

You get a good opportunity to find out best rated effects pedals on the basis of reviews and recommendations from such guitarists. Compare reliable brands in view of the above factors, reviews and pricing. Finally, commit to the brand that offers a top quality flanger effects pedal matching your specifics on a budget.

Bottom line on these flanger pedals

Flanger effects pedals can go a long way in generating newer and innovative sounds. With the choice of the right effects pedal brand, you can take your music creation tenure to a new level. If you are not sure what to look for in a flanger guitar effects pedal, follow the above tips. Within no time, you could have your hands on the right flanger pedal for creating distinctive and breath-taking tunes to drive the world crazy.