Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert review

LOOK: Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert Review

Are you planning of buying a guitar? If yes, you need to understand that not all guitars are the same. If not careful, you might end up buying an instrument that will not meet your musical needs. Before you purchase a guitar like this best acoustic, you have to find out its attributes such as sound quality, price range and portability.

It was in 1974 when Bob Taylor founded the Taylor acoustic guitars, and the products instantly made a wave in the music industry due to its superior sound. It is no wonder many artists rely on the Taylor’s guitars to assist them produce their signature tunes. It is not unusual to find artists using the Taylor’s guitar when recording and doing live performances. Whether you are an amateur in the world of guitar or a full-fledged professional, you can hardly go wrong with the Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert.

Features of Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert

Most people associate budget guitars with low quality, but that is not the case with the Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert guitar. The instrument offers a classic Sapele finish and the instrument is petite, making it a suitable selection for those who are looking for a device to use for finger picking. It is also fitting for anyone who is looking for a lightweight instrument and one that is simple to handle.

The guitar is known to offer a slinky hand feel because of its slim profile in the neck area and short inch length. It also offers nut-width and light cords. The back and the sides of the instrument is made using mahogany layers, and the top is made using coniferous. The timber finish is what gives the guitar a vintage-like appearance and a sleek finish.


Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert boasts of giving those who use the instrument an easy time when playing. The guitar has an armrest and an on-board pickup that makes operating the instrument effortless and fun. In case you are planning to play the device for a long periods without straining, this is the suitable product for you to purchase.

When buying a guitar, you have to choose between decorated instruments and those that are austere. In case you like simple devices, then you will like this guitar since it is elegant but simple. There are not visual embellishing elements other than the three-ring rosette and a 4mm acrylic dot on the fingerboard. It also has a digital tuner and a gig bag, making it easy for you to carry.


Though this is a guitar that is in the mid-range price, when you play it, you will enjoy the quality of tone it produces. The usability of this instrument is incredibly comfortable, and the tone it offers is for high-end guitars. It is surprising that despite the short scale of the device, it is known to offer a powerful sound.

The other feature of this instrument is that the bass is not as loud as does not have a boom-sound as other guitars. If you are looking for a device that will offer you mid-range sounds, then this instrument will not disappoint you. It is a guitar that is perfect for the rock rhythm as it will allow you to perform without dealing with the bass filter.

The guitar is known to offer voluptuous treble and discipline bass which makes it a suitable instrument for the solo singer guitar players. The wood used to make the guitar is light to allow it to versatile and portable. The one feature that stands out from this instrument is that the older it gets, the better the sound quality.


  • Easy to play on the fingers
  • Ideal for finger picking
  • Has armrest
  • Excellent label knobs
  • Outstanding tuner boards
  • Quality sound
  • Compact
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Inbuilt tuner
  • Gets better with age
  • Affordable


  • Does not have bass control
  • Not suitable for those looking for striking finishes coin batteries that quickly run out


Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert is a mid-range acoustic guitar under 1000 dollars that offers quality sound. The tone from this device has been compared to the sound of the high-end guitars. For its varied tonal possibilities, this guitar is suitable for different genres and fields. In case you are looking for an instrument that is portable and comfortable to play, then look no further than the Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert Guitar.