Martin D-16RGT review

READ This Martin D-16RGT Review Before You Buy!

As a dreadnought acoustic guitar, the Martin D-16RGT boasts a solid Sitka Spruce top and its sides and backs are made of East Indian Rosewood. This essentially describes it as the classic Martin Dreadnought guitar that it is.

By Martin’s standard, the D-16RGT is really a mid-range guitar, even though this is a premium acoustic guitar when compared to other acoustics; definitely as premium as a lot of casual guitarists can afford. However, this is quite fine since players actually get a high-end, premium guitar that is flawless in its built and overall feel, while still providing a good dose of sophistication. It is made in the United States, and its craftsmanship and quality are obvious.

Where versatility is concerned, the D-16RGT is apt for a number of musical genres, while it produces perfect sounds at home when acting as a solo accompaniment. However, when needed, it can cut through the mix of a band.

As it relates to playability, the guitar is very easy to play and quite comfortable and this is true from the very first time you pick up the guitar. This is a feature that has been mentioned in a number of reviews made by players at varying level. These players have described the experience as being low and even, straight out of the factory. This is what makes the guitar so easy to play by players of different levels, regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Martin D-16RGT Features

Only solid wood is used by the manufacturer to craft the body of the dreadnought. The top is made out of solid Sitka spruce and the back and sides out of solid East Indian rosewood. The decoration on the body is quite subtle but radiates style. This is assisted by its white binding, glossy finish, an impressive herringbone sound hole rosette and an artificial tortoiseshell pickguard. In contrast to the body, its neck, which is joined at the 14th fret has a spectacular satin finish and an environmentally-friendly black Richlite fretboard that is fitted with a total of 20 frets. Wood purists will not be impressed by the use of Richlite; however, it plays like heated butter and it looks great.

The Martin D-16RGT does not have any electronics; however, the hardware on the guitar is suitable for both its cost and style. There is a set of sealed chrome tuners made by Martin, which are pleasurable to use as they should be for the higher-end cost. The instrument has a Richlite bridge and is strung with SP strings from Martin. There is also a White Corian nut and white Tusq saddle. There is also an accompanying hard shell case so when it comes to hardware this is definitely a decent haul.


Electronics are not really needed when you are getting a sound this big. The Martin D-16RGT has a huge and deep projection; this is due to its scalloped X bracing, its dreadnought body and its solid construction. It also boasts a remarkably well balanced, rich and sweet with lengthy sustain and impressive dynamics. More importantly, as the years go by, the tone should expand in volume and warmth because of the solid wood used in its construction. The guitar is exceptional for finger-style playing and also ideal for strumming enthusiasts. In fact, the D-16RGT sounds outstanding regardless of the style of music you play on it.

All in all, you will be able to produce a growling and rich bass that is synonymous with a Martin Dreadnought guitar when you buy the D-16RGT. The Martin D-16RGT definitely produces a more nuanced and balanced tone than its standard cousins in the series.


  • Premium/high-end
  • Remarkable sound
  • Looks elegant and simple
  • Quite comfy for a dreadnought


  • More tuning required


For quite a number of years, Martin acoustic guitars are renowned for producing some of the most famous and best guitars on the market. The truth is that there are better value acoustic guitars available out there; however, it is difficult to complain when you are getting a Martin masterpiece that sounds, plays and looks this good. For the casual player and professional guitarists alike, this guitar will last for a lifetime and the sound will improve with each passing year, if you take care of them. For this reason alone, it is worth the cost. The Martin D-16RGT makes a remarkable addition as an exceptional instrument for guitarists who would like to move toward an instrument that is of a more professional grade.