how does ed sheeran use loop pedals

REVEALED: How Does Ed Sheeran Use Loop Pedals?

Ed Sheeran is the biggest superstar of our generation. Known for his unusual musical style with lyrics that are poetic, emotional, and relatable to many people.  He has won countless awards, including 2 Grammy Awards which are the highest honors in American music in 2013 and 2017. His most recent album ÷ topped over 50 million copies worldwide, making it his most successful album yet. He is widely considered to be one of the best singers alive today and one of the greatest musicians in history at such a young age.

And he has been known to use looping pedals quite well!

What Brand Of Loop Pedal Does Ed Sheeran Use?

Check out this demo video first:

There actually isn’t really a specific brand that he used because he has a custom one that he calls Chewie 2.  This loop pedal was designed by his guitar tech, Trevor Dawkins.  It’s based on a Boss RC-20 Loop Station.

However, before Chewie 2 – it seems like he preferred Boss looper pedals like the Boss RC300 and the Boss RC-30.

How Does Ed Sheeran Use A Loop Pedal?

Ed Sheeran uses loop pedals to create parts or sequences in songs using the live performance looper pedal, then his guitar is used as the main source for other instruments.

For example, in his song “Shape of You”, there is a very catchy guitar riff that is played over and over again.  He uses his loop pedal to capture this part and layer it on top of himself.

It’s a very simple process – he sets the loop pedal up to record and then records the guitar riff a few times, then he plays it back. He usually then adds another layer of his voice and instruments, like piano. And voila! – you have his magical song, “Shape of You” that everyone loves.

For Ed Sheeran, loop pedals are like magic. He always manages to create the most unique sounds and produce the best music. The magic of loop pedals is what really make his music stand out in our generation of music and will be around for generations to come.

“Thinking Out Loud” was the first song that Ed Sheeran ever wrote entirely on a loop pedal. The entire song, including the chords and melody, was recorded and created within an hour.

Ed Sheeran has said this about his songwriting and loop pedals in a previous interview:

“I think the reason why it worked for me was because I was writing a lot, so I had to have another way of recording.” He says. “I couldn’t physically write any more songs on paper because I was just on tour.”

And within that hour, Ed wrote probably one of the most popular songs of 2014 – Thinking Out Loud.