guitar fret wrap

REVEALED: Guitar Fret Wrap Overview

Guitar fret wraps are easy, intuitive, and cool ways to clean up a guitar and bass playing through muting the strings. These are utilized by skilled or professional musicians from all over the world. Before, musicians warp hair scrunchie or tie a sock around the fretboard and nut in order to obtain a similar effect. There are many good reasons why serious or skilled musicians must consider using fret wraps.

Fretwraps Overview

A fret refers to a lifted element on the guitar’s neck. Usually, this goes beyond the full of a stringed musical instrument. Most particularly from the western, frets are made of metal strips that are put into the fingerboard on contemporary fretted instruments. Non-European stringed instruments and historical instruments as well, they use frets which are made of a string bind around the neck.

This divides or separates the neck into fixed parts at intervals associated to a musical structure. On guitars, every fret signifies one semitone in the average western system, wherein one octave is separated into twelve semitones. Fret means “to press down the string behind a fret.” Fretting, on the other hand, refers to fret’s placement system.

History of Guitar Fretwraps

Guitar Players utilize hair scrunchies or wrap a sock to dampen the strings and prevent sympathetic resonance and other unwanted string noise. It works a lot. However, it looks annoying and ridiculous. Because fret wraps are noninvasive as well as look cool, it helped increased its popularity. The best thing about this is that it can cover every guitar string evenly, and you can alter the tightness of every string, which makes it more reliable and efficient compared to previous ways of muting the strings of the guitar.

Guitar fret wraps are secured around the bass and guitar’s nut. However, others have discovered that moving fret wrap down further the neck can help obtain a cleaner tone, most particularly for sweeping and two-handtapping.  Sad to say, this leaves the nut of the guitar uncovered, which expose to overtones again possibly due to poor technique.

What are the Benefits of Using Guitar Fretwraps

Works Best in Cleaning Up the Tapping as well as Sweep Picking

There is no alternative for good woodshedding with the bass and guitar to get the methods down; utilizing a free wrap for playing is the best and wise investments every musician could ever make. Though it will not help you master the guitar fast, however, this thing can assists you obtain a better player sound by reducing unnecessary noises. For skilled guitarists, it makes them sound more pristine. Having a clean tone is something every guitarist wishes to obtain.

For them to become optimal for these methods, moving the fret wrap to the fingerboard will silent the strings compared to lowering it towards the nut of the guitar. On the contrary, having one on is a good for playing rhythm guitar, because it will enable you to access low notes, on the other hand, you can glide it back up the fretboard wood when required.

The Best Musical Accessories for Recording Guitars

When recording, essentially, you are taking pictures, but with audio. However, you are preparing for a picture; of course, you want to look best. With the same idea as recording audio, you will want to do the whole thing to obtain a perfect sound.

During the recording process, there’s a chance of having those annoying overtones regardless of how perfect your techniques are. Due to how this accessory dampens and mute the strings, it helps a low in having a clean recording by reducing the extra noise, which messes up and affects the quality of the audio.

Although you are recording for a high quality album yet, there are still remarkable things to making demos or recording covers of performances that you will be sharing to everyone.

Add Clarity to Live Performances

Live performances are indeed noisy regardless of what you do, and there are instances it is to the technical guy at the site whether or not you are going to have an amazing event. On the other hand, like track recording, you are able to control the sound if you use a fret wrap on your guitar.

It will not save a trainwreck performance from taking place, and it is essential that you practice more so you can sound better. However, this accessory can benefit you a lot, particularly for specific parts that can be boring and impossible to silence.

Your spectator may not recognize the difference, but you will. That can add peace of mind on your part and, at the same time, boost your confidence while you are on stage.

Stylish and Convenient

This accessory is stylish and convenient. It is easy to adjust and look cool as well. Fretwraps are available in various shapes and sizes. You can choose white or black that looks stunning on the guitar. This is also available in multiple designs, so this gives you a sense of customization.

Cheap But Useful

Compared to other musical accessories out there, fret wraps provide the best value for your buck. A lot of companies offered a remarkable product that is extremely cheap and does a lot. This musical accessory is also well-made, and there is no reason why it would fall apart unless you pull extremely tight on the Velcro flap. On the other hand, whatever reason, your fret wrap broke. Usually, it is replaceable and normally costs around the same value as a pack of strings for your guitar.

Also, you can decide on a 3-pack version, such as those available online – our favorite is this Gruv Gear fret wrap option – pictured on the right here. These are excellent adjustable straps that work very well in preventing sympathetic resonance and other string noise.  Works on all types of guitars including Floyd Rose trems as well.  However, this is applicable if you have two or more guitars in your home, and don’t feel like taking them off and on when changing instruments. This accessory enables you to save a considerable amount of money as opposed to purchasing them individually. Just in case you are not a fanatic of a fancy pattern like those previous models, you don’t have to worry as there are plain color fret wraps available for you. There is also a wood themed fret wrap that suits the looks and design of your guitar. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.


Maybe the last and most essential thing you have to know concerning guitar fret wraps is that they are available in small, medium, large, as well as extra-large.

  • Small is ideal for four-string basses, acoustic guitars, and six-string electric guitars.
  • Medium is perfect for six-string classical guitars.
  • Large is highly suggested for six-string basses as well as seven to eight-string guitars.
  • Extra-large is ideal for seven to twelve-string basses, extended-range guitars as well as double basses.

Now that you already know the whole thing you want to regard guitar fret wraps, you can find or purchase one at the best store online, where you can find all the different styles and designs. Hopefully, you can get the best color and size for you, and the most important thing is that you get the one that meets your needs and tastes.

Do DIY Guitar Fret Wraps Offer The Same Results?

No, because the shape of the mute is intended to evenly cover the entire strings, which is why they are available in various sizes without exerting a lot of pressure between them, something the use of the palm mute.