cheapest way to ship a guitar

REVEALED: The Cheapest Way to Ship a Guitar

You already received the guitar or other musical instrument for your close friend, sibling, nephew, niece, loved one, or colleague.

It’s nicely delivered without scratches and ready for shipping again. But how to ship a guitar directly to the door of a buyer from guitar sales, friend or sibling?  Shipping guitars actually isn’t too hard.

If it’s your first time, the process is going to be complicated and difficult. Good news! In this article, we will know the cheapest way to ship a guitar and other important information.

Are you ready? Keep reading for more cost to ship information for a guitar or other musical instrument! Enjoy!

Tips on Packing a Guitar for Shipping

It’s disappointing to receive a damaged item, right? Of course, the courier of your choice strives hard to handle every item with caution, guitar care, and attention.

But sometimes, accidents do happen and we cannot control everything. The trick here is to pack your guitar well with plenty of packing material. For beginners, it will be complicated. There’s nothing to worry about! Some packing tips are highlighted below:

Prepare Your Guitar

Before packing, there are safety precautions to weigh in mind. All you have to do is to loosen the strings. Then, detune them to reduce the amount of tension on the neck.

For the headstock, it is important to cover it with a bubble wrap, securing the tuners. That’s it! There’s nothing complex in getting this task done.

Place the Loose Parts in a Safe Pocket

Your guitar will be moving a lot during transit. Once you covered the headstock with a bubble wrap, don’t forget to place cables, tremolo arms, capos, Allen keys, and other loose parts in a secure pocket to avoid serious scratches.

How about the fretboard and strings? The right padding materials are a bright and smart option. Strips of a newspaper and a piece of cloth will be your best bet.

The Right Case is Key

Since you placed the loose parts in a safe pocket, what’s next? Well, your job does not stop there! It’s time to search for the proper case for your guitar.

A gig bag might be your go-to option because it is lighter and easier to use. However, it won’t prevent scratches and doesn’t provide enough protection throughout the transit.

Let’s be honest! Shipping services do not treat the packages delicately. A gig bag won’t ensure your guitar will be free of damages.

Now, what’s the best alternative to use? A proper hardshell case should be on top of your priority for shipped guitars. Yes, it requires an additional cost. But buying a new guitar because of transit-related damages is costly.

Pack the Guitar in a Box

Since you’re ready to go, you can pack the guitar in a durable box for delivery. For empty spaces, you can put some pieces of newspaper to enjoy added protection. After that, attach the shipping label. That’s it! It’s easy, isn’t it?

Shipping a Guitar: How Much Are Shipping Costs?

Generally, shipping a guitar with a hard case will cost around $100 or $150.

Shipping is via a gig bag. On the other hand, it will cost $80.

However, there are other factors that can affect price. A few of them are discussed below:


There’s no fixed cost when shipping a guitar. The distance, for example, can affect the overall price.

For those who are shipping in the same state, just prepare $40. But if you’re shipping across the US or internationally, you need around $150 or more.

Courier Services

Aside from a distance, the type of courier services of your choice can play a critical role in determining the cost of delivery.

Let’s say, you don’t have a box or are uncomfortable in packing the guitar on your own. In this case, your chosen courier service will be the one to get the job done.

Yes, you can avoid the hassles. But expect additional expenses at the end of the day. Prepare a total amount of $20 or $80.

Value of the Item

Who doesn’t want an expensive guitar to be properly insured with shipping insurance? Of course, everyone prefers that. Unfortunately, additional services cannot be enjoyed for free. So, don’t be surprised when a courier service asks for extra costs.

Weight and Size of Your Guitar

Another factor that can affect the shipping cost of a guitar is its weight and size.

Electric guitars, for example, are heavier compared to acoustic guitars. So, this could pile up the cost.

Using a gig bag or hardshell case can also make a big difference.

On average, a guitar in a gig bag weighs around 9 or 12 pounds. A guitar in a hardshell case, on the contrary, can weigh at least 20 or 25 pounds.

What’s the Most Affordable Way to Ship a Guitar?

Yes, shipping a guitar can cause a dent in your savings account. But there’s a way to acquire bigger savings along the way.

Contact Your Local Guitar Store

Once you have contacted your local guitar store, ask for an empty box. Don’t be shy and afraid. If you’re a repeat customer, the store will surely give it for free.

Aside from an empty box, request for a bubble wrap. Definitely, they are more than willing to help. So, don’t feel negative.

If an empty box and bubble wrap arrived, pack the guitar on your own. It is not only free but also fun to do.

Look for a Courier Service with the Most Competitive Rate

After packing your guitar, it is important to find a courier service at the most affordable price.

Whether you know someone who works at a shipping store or local warehouse, speak with them to help you out throughout the process. This way, you could avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run.

Other Tips to Consider

Check the Regulations of a Particular Courier Service

Any courier service has rules and regulations. As a customer, despite your hectic schedule, make sure to study all available policies. Before you jump to conclusions, understand the regulations for your peace of mind.

In case you don’t like the rules, don’t worry! There are other courier services that would meet and exceed your requirements. You just have to start from the bottom. But all your efforts will pay off at the end of the day.

Require a Signature

Yes, requiring a signature adds extra expenses. That’s why some people might not consider it. Don’t do the same thing. It would be ideal for taking advantage of this feature. Also, you can be certain that the guitar is delivered safely without potential damages or scratches.

Choose a Courier Service that Specializes in Guitar

You can choose any courier service to ship your guitar. But the safety precautions might not be followed throughout transit. This is where a specialty courier service can come into play.

An expert with relevant experience will combine all safety measures when delivering your guitar.

The team also consists of a certified and qualified professional that you can trust and rely on over the years.

Don’t be Tempted to Invest in an Unreliable Service Provider

Don’t be enticed to take advantage of a courier service that provides solutions that are impossible to achieve. Always direct your attention to companies that are backed by quality, high work ethics, and professionalism. While the costs can be costly at first, you can expect huge savings over time.

Bottom Line

Overall, work with the best courier service for your safety. You can ask some of your closest friends for referrals!