boss me 80 vs gt 100

COMPARED: Boss ME-80 Vs Boss GT-100

Are you a dedicated guitarist? Then, you know that having a guitar pedals with multi-effects is essential.

It is wise to broaden your collection of equipment for all types of designs, boosting your versatility in playing. What is more, putting together your guitar with this multi-effect pedal can expand the chance of the things that you are able to carry out with your musical equipment. State of the art Boss GT-100 has been a very popular option because of the features integrated with it.

The main difference between the Boss ME-80 and the Boss GT-100 is the number of effects, amp simulations and presets.  The Boss GT-100 gives you many more options to the number of guitar effects, amp sims and guitar tones you can create and store at a time.  The Boss ME-80 also has four less pedals than the GT-100.

Boss has decided to make a lower type derived from the remarkable model, named ME-80. This makes people ask which one is the best. Is ME-80 the best choice? Or should you stop compromising the quality and opt for GT-100. To know which one is the best, keep on reading!

ME-80 vs. GT-100: Key Features

Boss ME-80 Key Features

This a state of the art guitar pedals that offers remarkable features. It is compact, as well as a very powerful multi-effect guitar pedal armed with a simple button. It has 8 simultaneous effects classifications, each with many effects types. It is also integrated with dial-up tones, which is easy to use your preferred stompboxes. It is also integrated with a remarkable selection of high-quality effects, ranging from state of the art MDP effects to the classic standard Boss stomps. It is also integrated with updated flagship-level COSM amps, which come from the GT-100. It is also integrated with 8 multifunction footswitches as well as an expression pedal. It has a manual mode for stompbox type on and off. The memory code for changing the complete patch is superb and exceptional.

Boss GT-100 Key Features

This state of the art guitar pedal is integrated with modern and advanced COSM amps that model typical amp tones and provides never-before hear sounds. It has improved EZ Tone that has graphical Tone Grid for making new patches. The easy to customize AMP and OD/DS allows you to create original amps with ease as well as overdrive or distortion by personalizing their behavior. The newly made ACCEL pedal is integrated for constant or concurrent control of many parameters. It has two LCD displays, MIDI connectors, and 44 effects; program memories are 400 and a USB connector.

Short Comparison


  • This is based on the knob system when dialing the audio effects
  • Can generate 8 effects at a time
  • Limited flexibility
  • Is able to plug straight into the amplifier
  • It has seventy-two programs
  • and thirty-six preset as well as thirty-six users
  • It has nine amp models
  • One signal path
  • Three parameters
  • useful for editing sound effects
  • Order effects are fixed


  • Not fixed order effects
  • Have a lot of parameters that are diverse sound effects
  • Two signal path
  • It has 25 amp models
  • 400 programs, 200 presets as well as 200 users
  • Icon and menu system to introduce sound effects
  • Is able to generate 15 effects
  • Provides more sound flexibility

Differences in Performance

The GT-100 vs. ME-100 are both superb, in spite of their differences. The ME-80 models have been a clear and clean multi-effects guitar pedal, that is a fact. In comparison, the GT-100 sports the newest technology as well as many essential features.

The ME-80 falls shorts when it comes to effects and programs which can be used at one time as well as amp models. However, this is enough for old fashioned guitar users. On the other hand, those young musicians out there searching for innovation or asking for more, then the GT-100 is a perfect choice. This state of the art guitar pedal is a bit costly compared to its cousin, goes beyond what is anticipated of a guitar pedal with multi-effects. However, don’t let its straightforward looks deceive you. This amazing device stands out with regards to sound effects.

State of the art GT-100 is integrated with amazing features like 25 amp models, 400 onboard programs, as well as the capability to generate many effects in a single time. This product was also making a wave in the industry of music. When it comes to performance, both the GT-100 and the ME-80 do a remarkable job. This might be because both are made by one company. Therefore there is no problem when it comes to performance as well as quality. As mentioned, both do remarkable work.

For user-friendliness, though, GT-100 stands out, because Boss realized the demand for a 4-wire system. On the other hand, with regards to Boss ME-80, you need to plug or connect it directly to the amp. Also, you can utilize an amp with switching channels to have lots of variance in the audio or music as well as play with clear effects and sound. On the other hand, setting up and switching channels is a very demanding and overwhelming process. This issue is eliminated with GT-100. With the help of the four cables, you will have a lot of control as well as variance in the audio you play.


The Boss ME-80 is intended for stage performances. There is no need to use multi-effects when on stage performing. You depend on some effects with crisp as well as clean sounds. This unit provides enough room to be creative during a live performance while being plain and reasonable prices.

On the other hand, the GT-100 is made for music producers as well as music recording in a professional studio. Suppose you have a lot of time to play around with music and put or tweak the audio according to your needs and wants. GT-100 is pricier on this side. If you want more variety with sound effects, then GT-100 is the best choice.


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In general, both ME-80 and the GT-100 produced by the renowned company do a superb job of producing remarkable effects to your musical instrument. State of the art GT-100 is a little bit expensive and has an extensive array of essential features as well as effects many music producers are longing for. However, the value of this unit is not worth it for performance artists and using a guitar for stage purposes.

When you ask many people, GT-100 holds many perks, and the ME-80 isn’t precisely comparable to the latest model when it comes to flexibility as well as versatility. The GT-100 is extremely powerful, which makes it an ideal choice. But, if you don’t have enough and just want to practice your skill, then it is highly advisable to pick the ME-80 model.