acoustic guitar musical genres

9 Popular Acoustic Guitar Music Genres To Check Out

If you are thinking about playing acoustic guitar but not sure all the different genres of music you can play, you are in the right place.

Acoustic Guitar Music Genres

Country Music

One of the more popular genres and styles of the best acoustic guitar music is country music. Originating in the early 1900s, country music has gotten a makeover and remains one of the most popular genres for guitarists.

The acoustic guitar music for country has evolved over the years and some people call it “twang.” Although the style of the music has changed some, country music is still an acoustic guitar great choice.

Check out these best acoustic guitar for country music options.

Acoustic Blues

Blues is another genre of acoustic guitar music that you will likely enjoy. Blues is one of the most popular forms of original songwriting in history and overall has influenced rock, pop rock, rockabilly, psychobilly, country and many more types of music.

Although blues is predominantly played on an electric guitar, there are still great guitarists who perform the genre on an acoustic. If you like playing acoustic guitar music and want to add something different to your repertoire, you should start learning blues.

Take a look at these best acoustic guitar for blues choices.

Folk Music

Another genre of acoustic guitar music is folk music. Folk music is written in a style that people can understand and relate to. Many of the guitar songs that you may hear on the radio today come from folk music.

You can perform acoustic blues and country guitar music styles, but you might want to add some folk on your repertoire. Folk guitar music is a good choice if you are not quite sure what genre of acoustic guitar music you would like to play.


Fingerstyle is an acoustic guitar music genre that can be described as a combination of guitar playing and piano. When you play fingerstyle, the guitar acts like a piano and you will use your fingers to pluck the strings instead of a pick or your fingers.

Although there are many different types of fingerstyle, it could generally be said that its origins come from classical and folk music. If you like to pluck the strings and use your fingers, fingerstyle acoustic guitar music could be a great place to start.

Here are some awesome best acoustic guitar for fingerstyle recommendations.

Ragtime and Bluegrass

If you like old and new and traditional and modern, then ragtime and bluegrass acoustic guitar music might be for you. Ragtime originally came from the United States in the late 1800s.

Bluegrass originally came from Kentucky in the early 1900s. Both of these genres combine some aspects of blues, country music, jazz, swing riffs and more.

Both of these genres are still popular and all types of guitarists can perform them. If you like country music and bluegrass, then the two combined could be a good place for you to start.

Worship Music

If you are looking for acoustic guitar music to play at church, you might want to try worship music. This type of music is written specifically to be played at church.

Worship music can be simply described as worship songs or hymns. It is helpful if you are just starting out if you know how to play hymns and some of the other types of acoustic guitar music that fit into the category of Christian worship.


Jazz is another genre of acoustic guitar music to add to your repertoire. Jazz has been around since the early 1900s and is still popular today.

If you like swing, ragtime or blues, you might also like jazz acoustic guitar music. Take some time to learn some jazz and add it to your list of things to play if you are a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist.

Rock Music

Another popular type of acoustic guitar music is rock music. You might be wondering how rock and acoustic guitar music can go together.

One of the very first types of rock music was actually played on the acoustic guitar. If you like playing rock and other types of music, you can add an acoustic rock song to your repertoire.

Rock music is made up of rockabilly, punk, metal and many more types of music. Rock music uses the electric guitar to get its musical sounds. If you like rock and don’t want to get an electric, you can still add it to your acoustic guitar music repertoire by learning to play a song on an acoustic guitar.


Another type of acoustic guitar music is R&B. R&B is also known simply as R&B. This type of music came about in the 1960s and many people still listen to it today.

R&B is mainly played on an electric guitar, but you can still learn some of the songs by an acoustic guitar if you like it or if you want to add something unique to your repertoire.


There are many different types of acoustic guitar music. Some of the guitar playing techniques may seem difficult to play, but you can learn some of the more complex pieces and add them to your acoustic guitar music repertoire.

If you want to get started with acoustic guitar music, you should pick an acoustic guitar and learn how to play some simple songs. As long as it’s just a few songs, you might find that you like playing a couple of songs on an acoustic guitar and add it to your repertoire for years to come.