Yamaha FS850 review

READ This Yamaha FS850 Review Before You Buy

If you get into the guitar shop without a clue of the brand and design of instrument you want to buy, you are likely to be in for a shock. Quality guitar shops are equipped with numerous guitars made of various brands. Each of these stringed instruments offers a different sound. Whether you are a new or an experienced guitar player, you have to do some research to help you determine the product that suits you. This article will discuss about Yamaha FS850 features, designs, pro, and cons to assist you in understanding about the product and whether it is suits you if you are looking for a good quality acoustic guitar.

Yamaha guitars have been in the market for over five decades and the company has cemented good reputation of producing quality guitars and accessories for musicals of all levels. This company is recognized for producing guitars that are beginner-friendly as well as powerful machines. What makes Yamaha stand out from other companies is that they make quality guitars and sell them at affordable rates.


Feature of Yamaha FS850

The creation of the SF850 by Yamaha has used acoustic review system. The system is new and it allows the engineers to use the review and simulation methods to come up with the best design of guitar. Thus, this is the reason that despite the sleek look and the small body, the Yamaha SF850 is powerful and stronger compared to other guitars in this price range.

The Yamaha SF850 needs to be well maintained so that it can serve you for a long time. If well serviced, the stringed instrument will serve you for many years. It has a sturdy body made using the scalloped bracing. It is this product that makes the top board durable and still ensures that you enjoy quality sound. The other feature that makes this model of the guitar robust is the mahogany used in the making of the product. The top, back and slides, fingerboards, and the bridge have all been made using mahogany and Rosewood. It is the material used to make this instrument warm and have distinctive richness.

The guitar is small, and that is the reason it is recommended for young guitar players and little people. However, if you are a seasoned guitarist and are looking for a sleek instrument that will be easy for you to carry around as you tour, this is the product for you to get. The compact design of the guitar makes it comfortable to play even for those who enjoy playing the instrument while seated.


When looking for an acoustic guitar, you should invest in one that will offer you a bold and balanced voice. That is the case when you invest in the FS850 guitar. This is an instrument that is suitable to play anything from blues to rock. It offers a full sound even if you are performing in front of a large crowd.

In case you are not comfortable playing big guitars then this is the product you should get. Despite the small size and the light feel, it offers a loud and richer sound. It does not matter if you play the low or the mid-ranges; this is an instrument that is well-balanced to provide loud and rich sound.

Since it is small, you will have an easier time controlling the machine. Whether you are planning to sing or dance when playing the instrument, you can be confident you will have an easy time when using the Yamaha FS850.


  • Has a mahogany body that offers responsive sound
  • Produced with two different types of woods
  • Die-cast tuners
  • Made using the new Yamaha design for a richer and louder sound
  • Offers classic folk sound
  • Suitable for fingerpicking
  • Affordable
  • Sleek and shiny design
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for young players
  • Easy to play when seated


  • Does not come with electronics
  • Needs maintenance
  • Steel strings


Yamaha has managed to offer guitars that provide high-quality sound at an affordable rate for an acoustic under $500. When it comes to the making of the guitars, the company is known to make a quality product that offers high-quality tone. In case you are looking for a guitar that you will learn with and move with it to the mid-level, then the Yamaha FG850 is the guitar for you. The fact that it is small and easy for you to carry it around is an added advantage of getting the instrument. It is also known to offer a wide range of sounds so that it can accommodate artists who play various genres.  Also, check out our full video on Yamaha acoustics.