Taylor 914CE Signature Dave Matthews

Taylor 914CE Signature Dave Matthews Acoustic Guitar Review

Taylor guitars have been on the cutting edge of acoustic guitar technology, so it’s no surprise that they produced a guitar for Dave Matthews himself.

Taylor 914CE Dave Matthews Signature Features

The Taylor 914CE Signature has been designed to Dave Matthews’ specifications so you can achieve his trademark tone and feel.

The top is selected from the finest grades of Spruce and the back and sides are made from pressure-tested solid Indian Rosewood, which is a tonewood traditional in Martin guitars. To round out the sound, Taylor has included a mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard and an Indian Rosewood headstock veneer.

The 914CE has also been equipped with Gotoh 510 tuners, a bone nut and saddle, a custom Dave Matthews signature overlay on headstock and inlay on the fretboard and an Abalone soundhole rosette.

Taylor 914CE Signature Sound

The sound is bright and lively, with an emphasis on clarity, but also to provide a big sound. You’ll get rich bass response from the guitar due to the solid wood build and Taylor’s own system of bracing. The guitar will resonate over its entire surface, rather than projecting in just one spot like some guitars.

The electronics also help create a sound that’s in keeping with this character. The sound is bright, lively and clear, but without being harsh. You can hear a wide range of tonal colors just by turning the tone control all the way to the right.


The Taylor 914CE has a very comfortable feel that allows for hours of playing. The neck is made from layered mahogany and Indian rosewood, which is wider than a typical acoustic guitar. It provides a very comfy feel that’s perfect for fingerstyle playing.

The action is also very low, so it’s easy to play chords or single notes with clean articulation and precision.

The Taylor 914CE is also very easy to play in the higher registers because of the wider neck. The notes ring out clearly and have a beautiful tone that really makes you feel like you’re actually playing a guitar, rather than a toy.


The Taylor 914CE is a beautiful instrument that sounds great and is easy to play. The tonewoods used in the construction of the guitar provide a very resonant, tonally rich sound that can still be described as being bright, lively and clear.

The fretboard binding looks very cool and is a bonus feature to help give the guitar some extra character.


The price is quite high – but to be honest, it is worth the price!

Who Should Buy This Guitar?

First I want to tell you that I am a big, big fan of Dave Matthews. I have played his signature model and was blown away by it’s sound and playability. It is a beautiful instrument that can be played in many different styles, and not just acoustic. That is why I was very interested in the Taylor 914CE Signature Dave Matthews guitar.

This is a very high quality instrument that sounds great, but is easy to play. It is also a beautiful piece of art that will look great on your wall or in your home. So Taylor 914CE Dave Matthews Signature Guitar is for you if you love Dave Matthews, would like to play guitar, and want to get a really beautiful and high quality guitar.


The Taylor 914CE Signature Dave Matthews Guitar is an excellent instrument that feels and sounds great. If you’re a fan of Dave Matthews’ music or acoustic guitars in general, this one will not disappoint.