how to adjust saddle height guitar

EXPLAINED: How To Adjust Saddle Height Guitar

If you are interested in learning how to adjust saddle height on a guitar’s bridge to improve the action, I would recommend starting by watching one of these videos:

Adjusting Electric Guitar Saddles

For electric guitars:

Adjusting & Lowering Acoustic Guitar Saddles

Do you have an acoustic guitar, acoustic electric or classical guitar?  Look here:

What Is The Ideal Saddle Height On A Guitar?

Most would agree on a measurement between 1/32 of an inch to a maximum of 3/16ths.  However, I like to check the guitar’s manufacturers recommendations for the specific guitar I am working on and go with that.

I would recommend getting a full professional intonation setup on your guitar after these adjustments.

Adjusting Saddle Height On Guitars With A Floyd Rose

Guitars with a Floyd Rose require a bit different procedure: