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How Many Coats Of Tru Oil On Guitar Body?

Are you working on an unfinished guitar body but not sure about using Tru Oil on it?  Take a look here for some recommendations.

How many coats of Tru Oil on guitar body?

The number of Tru Oil coats you apply to a guitar body depends on the type of finish that you are looking to achieve:

  • high gloss – 20-30 coats
  • natural finish – 2 coats

What Is The Best Way To Apply Tru Oil?

I would recommend doing as the included instructions recommend.  First, remove excess dust from the surface with a paper towel, then lightly coat with a clean cloth.

Always apply the Tru Oil in a thin coat. Do NOT saturate or saturating with Tru Oil will not have any affect on your finish.

Once the Tru Oil has been applied, you may still use an old dish rag to wipe down remaining Tru Oil from your wood grain with a clean cloth if you want to maximize coverage on your guitar body.

How To Apply Tru Oil On a Guitar Body

Now that we’ve covered how many coats of Tru Oil to apply and how to apply it, let’s take a look at what you should expect from your finished guitar body.

One of the greatest things about using Tru Oil as a sealant for your guitar body is the fact that it cures very quickly. It takes no time at all to dry and if you happen to accidentally touch your guitar body with some dirty hands, don’t worry.

I would recommend checking out this detailed video on applying this finish to your guitar.

Do You Sand Between Coats Of Tru Oil?

Yes.  You should lightly sand the surface between coats.  You don’t necessarily have to but it helps.  Be careful not to sand too much because the thin coats can be easily sanded off.

How Long Should Tru Oil Dry Between Coats?

You should wait at least 2 – 4 hours in between each coat.

What Temperature Is Best For Applying Tru Oil To Guitar Body?

You can apply Tru Oil to wood grain at any temperature. The warmer the air, the faster the oil will dry.

How Long Does Tru Oil Take To Dry?

Applying Tru Oil to a guitar body will dry in a few hours.


After applying Tru Oil to your guitar body you should lightly sand the prepared surface with 180 grit.  Do not get trapped between the two surfaces so avoid applying too much pressure to the guitar body. Any excess dust will be transferred by the Tru Oil on the cloth to the surface of your guitar body.

For best results, apply more coats of Tru Oil on the same area using the same technique until desired results are achieved.