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5 Best Thick Guitar Picks Options Make Great Tone

Using a thick guitar pick can be a great choice for some styles of music. But there are many different options to choose from. What are the best?

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Jim Dunlop Flow Gloss 3.0mm

The Flow range is one of the first ranges Dunlop released on their own. Their thick picks have been widely popular since, which is unsurprising as the company was behind them from the start. The Flow range has been used by many top recording artists and have always proved to be a reliable tool for tone shaping.

Made from Ultex, they are also super durable, so you can really dig in and really feel your music, not your pick. This comes from having no flex in the pick at all.

These picks are a great choice for all styles of music as they have such a strong tone especially when strumming chords on an acoustic guitar.

They are designed for speed and precision by Dunlop themselves. The range has expanded since their first releases and includes a variety of different picks in different sizes, thicknesses and shapes.

The finger indents make it easy to hold your pick as well.

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Dunlop 475R3.0 Big Stubby®

The Dunlop Big Stubby® is another one of the most famous Dunlop picks. This is because it’s a fantastic tool for speeding up your playing. You can play faster than ever with this pick, as there are no binding issues and it won’t break in half as easily. It’s also super durable, so you can really dig in without worrying about it breaking on you at all.

The 3.0mm thickness picks are great for a bold sound. The big, round shape is great for strumming chords on an acoustic guitar and sound is also bold, but controlled. This pick comes with a string winder so it’s super easy to wrap your strings around it.

It’s a perfect tool for all types of music. It’s especially brilliant when used with any acoustic/electric guitar as you can really have complete control over the notes of your performance, no matter what style you are playing.

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TimbreGear Exotica Genuine Handcrafted Wooden Guitar Picks

TimbreGear Exotica Genuine Handcrafted Wooden Guitar Picks are a brilliant natural and unique option for your guitar. Each pick is handmade from a different species of wood, making them all unique from each other. They’re super durable and deliver great tone.

However, the best thing about these picks is their tone. They give an acoustic-like sound to your guitar with a little more punch than regular picks do. This is mostly due to their density. They’re quite heavy, but really comfortable to use for long periods of time and easy to grip.

The best thing about these picks is how majorly stylish they are. They look great and would make a brilliant addition to any guitarist’s guitar pick collection.

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Dunlop Tortex Standard 1.0mm

These are a bit thinner than some of the other options in this list but I still consider 1mm as thick. As long as you’re careful, this pick is durable and easy to control. These can be a great choice for speeding up your playing or for a more delicate sound when strumming chords.

These are also ideal for any style of music that uses chords such as bluegrass and country, or when doing classic rock music. It’s a great pick for rhythm guitar playing. They also create a nice bright tone with a lot of snap to the attack.

It has a very basic design with an easy grip and a lot of people find that it lasts longer than other picks as well as being easier to control and play with. It’s also pretty cheap, so you can easily buy several of them in case you broke one.

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Fender Wavelength Tortoise Shell Guitar Heavy Picks

If you’re looking for something a little bit more classic or stylish, then these tortoise shell picks by Fender could be perfect for you. They are made in a traditional “351” guitar pick style, but with a slightly thicker 1mm thickness. This makes them perfect for blues and rock and roll music.

This is the exact thickness that you’ll find on most of your standard guitar picks at the moment, so they’re an easy option if you are looking to make that change to thicker picks. That said, they’re really unique and classic looking, which is always a bonus. You can easily buy several to make sure that you always have one on you.

They are also made in the USA from a celluloid material.

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Are Thick Guitar Picks Right For You?

Thick guitar picks are definitely a good option for some people, but there is a lot more to it than just the thickness of the pick. You have to take into account what type of music you play, as well as how much control and speed you would like to have. Some people prefer playing with only light picks so that they can get the most out of their strumming, but for others it’s great to have a bit of extra control.

If you’re a beginner, then having the option to ease into thicker picks and use the correct size for your style of music is important. You don’t want to make buying thicker picks one of your first purchases, as there could be an issue with either your playing or the pick.

Thick guitar picks are also great if you play in a band where the rhythm guitarist plays chords and you have lots of complex chord progressions . Having only lighter picks will start to cause frustration and frustration when your playing gets faster. Instead, having a thicker pick will reduce the need for you to be quite so fast in terms of your movements and you’ll be able to concentrate more on the quality of your playing.

Thick picks are perfect for hard strumming styles such as metal music. They offer plenty of control, but also give a really bright tone. Due to their strength, they are also less likely to break in the middle of a performance.

Be sure to check out our guitar pick thickness guide as well.


Thick picks are a great choice for any type of music and can really help enhance your tone. They’re also very simple to use, so you won’t have to adjust too much when using them. They’re made by some big brands and are always reliable for a bold sound.