why are acoustic guitars harder to play

Why Are Acoustic Guitars Harder To Play?

Compared to an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar is harder to play. However, all that hardship exists for a reason. But let’s not focus on that here. So, why are acoustics harder to play? With electric guitar vs acoustic, there are different reasons why it could be the case. One is the larger dimensions of […]

guitars that are easy on the fingers

Is Playing An Electric Guitar Easier On The Fingers?

Well, there is no perfect answer to any question, but from the information that is currently available, and what guitar teachers have to say, the answer would have to be yes! Most teachers recommend that students begin with an electric guitar because of the fact that it is guitar easier on the fingers. * Read […]

does guitar build muscle

Does Playing Guitar Build Muscle?

Does guitar build muscle? This is a question that continues to be asked by countless guitar enthusiasts and novices alike. According to seasoned, professional guitar players, many performers have built good muscle mass and structure from strumming their guitars over the years. Like any muscle, your biceps and triceps will get more defined with regular […]

is guitar bad for your fingers

Fingers Hurt Playing Guitar? Is Guitar Bad For Your Fingers?

While you have started to play guitar a little longer before knowing it, your fingertips must be on fire if you don’t take care when you play.  Everyone goes through finger pain in the beginning. Is guitar bad for your fingers? No, but it takes awhile to work your strength up and get used to […]