blues driver vs tube screamer

Blues Driver vs Tube Screamer Guitar Pedals

The Blues Driver and Tube Screamer are known to be two of the very famous and welcomed overdrive pedals perpetually. Both of them are exactly same in what they carry out. They will be mimicking the tube amp distorted sound, providing a lot of sustain and highly aggressive sound which is responsive to an individual’s […]

best overdrive pedals

14 Best Overdrive Pedals Of All Time – Top Picks For 2021

It’s not just a sound — it’s an attitude. We’re talking about the mighty, earth-shattering (and perhaps eardrum-bursting) overdrive. Or maybe not? It’s easy to confuse overdrive for something else, given the name. But the good old OD remains as elegant as ever; gritty in a very subtle way, and charming enough to find application […]

best overdrive pedal for humbuckers

Best Overdrive Pedal For Humbuckers

Are you considering purchasing an overdrive pedal and not sure which one might be best for a guitar that is equipped with humbuckers? The thing is, you want to choose the right chorus pedal for the job of working best with humbucker guitar pickups explained. To get started, let’s just jump into which of these […]

best overdrive pedal for fender deluxe reverb

Best Overdrive Pedal For Fender Deluxe Reverb

The majority of guitarists would be in agreement that there is good reason for a best overdrive pedal to be a vital part of any pedalboard. But what about for a specific amp like the Fender Deluxe Reverb? Quick Links To Our Top Overdrive Pedals For Deluxe Reverb Amps Recommendations Ibanez Tubescreamer Fulltone OCD Obsessive […]