best looper pedal under 100

5 Best Looper Pedal Under 100 Options For 2021

Guitar pedals or effect pedals are electronic units that alter the sound of your instrument and also control its basic aspects like tone and volume. If you are new to the world of guitars, then looper pedals are a good way to hone your skills. A looper pedal is less an effect and more of […]

boss rc1 vs rc3

Boss RC1 Vs RC3 – Two Awesome Loopers Compared

Loopers are a vital accessory in a musical performance and live recording as well. This device is linked with guitarists, and it can also be utilized by any musicians, artists, and performers. Since the release of the very first looping station back in 2001 by Boss, this gadget has come and gone in all sizes […]

best looper pedal for live performance

10 Best Looper Pedal For Live Performance 2021 Options

The best looper pedal for live performance can heighten your musical palette in more ways than you can envision. No longer do you need to arm yourself with an orchestra, as long as you are armed with a mighty looper pedal – your own backing band! However, even if you are accustomed to looper pedals, […]

best looper pedal

10 Best Looper Pedal For The Money Top Options For 2021

Whether you are looking to buy a looper pedal to turbocharge your music band by layering acoustic guitar and electric guitar parts live or you are finally getting started with your humble ambient prog project, a loop pedal for your pedalboard would open up pretty diverse creative choices. Some artists use looper pedals for triggering […]