can you learn guitar with yousician

EXPLAINED: Can You Learn Guitar With Yousician?

Many aspiring guitarists keep asking, “Can you learn guitar with Yousician?” Allow us to give you a suitable answer to this question as you plan to take your music goals up a higher notch through online guitar lessons instead of private lessons. Yes. Yousician is very helpful but you must consider a few things.  How […]

how hard is learning guitar

Is Learning Guitar Hard? – A Frank & Comprehensive Answer

How hard is it to learn guitar? While the question is obviously a subjective one, all the same let’s begin with a short and sweet answer to this: Learning guitar is hard and it is fun – including basic beginner guitar chords, barre chords, changing between chords, single notes, skipping strings, learning favorite guitar songs […]

where to take guitar lessons

WHICH: Guitar Lessons Online Vs In Person – Where To Take Them?

Considering where to take guitar lessons (local in person music store vs online lessons)? It depends on several considerations. First of all, are you better off learning face to face or online? Second, consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on lessons. Third, consider how close you are to music instructors. […]

are guitar lessons worth it

REVEALED: Are Guitar Lessons Worth It & Should You Take Them?

Thinking about learning guitar and becoming a guitar player?  A competent tutor is vital to every successful guitar lesson. It makes a lot of sense to have a suitable person to properly instruct you as to how to do things on a guitar, which you could easily get incorrect without expert guidance. Experts have stated […]