grand auditorium vs dreadnought

Grand Auditorium Vs Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Shapes

Acoustic guitars are fretted musical instruments producing sound through vibrating strings over the hollow chamber on the body of the guitar. Vibrations are carried through the air without requiring electrical amplification through numerous acoustic guitars function as electric guitars. The majority of acoustic guitars include six strings. A common variation is a 12-string guitar, where […]

can you put nylon strings on a steel string guitar

Can You Put Nylon Strings On A Steel String Guitar?

Whether you are a professional or aspiring guitar player, you know the differences of the sounds if using different string on any type of guitar. This said, placing strings on different guitars would be found a bit tricky, and you would immediately identify even the slightest of difference between the two. Restringing or replacing the […]

add pickup to acoustic guitar

Add Pickup to Acoustic Guitar and Be Heard More

There are instances that there is nothing greater than just sitting down and simply strumming your acoustic guitar after a long and tiring day. However, if you wanted to take your acoustic guitar up the stage, you will need a way to be heard. This is where acoustic guitar pick up comes in. When thinking […]

scalloped fretboard

Scalloped Fretboard – Its Advantages & Disadvantages

As scalloped fretboards are very uncommon and have a unique look, it draws a lot of curiosity from the guitarists. Many people who aren’t even aspiring to play the guitar are often intrigued by its unique look. The main reason for such curiosity and intrigue is that this is not a common fretboard that you […]