best jazz guitar

Best Jazz Guitar 2020 – Our Top 8 Picks For Jazz Lovers!

Those who have try their hands at jazz know that this musical genre is like no other. Therefore, a special style of music is deserving of a special type of guitar. Similar to blues guitars or metal electric guitars, these jazz guitars are a breed of their own with a very particular aesthetic, audio and […]

best acoustic guitar

20 Best Acoustic Guitar Options For The Money In 2020

Every guitarist should have a dependable acoustic guitar. For beginners, it offers a chance to learn the basics on affordable equipment and minimal accessories. Being able to take it anywhere and play at any time is also a big plus. You can train as much as you want. As for experts, a good acoustic guitar […]

best electric guitar

Best Electric Guitar 2020 – Top Picks For The Money!

You’ve been trawling guitar shops for weeks on end in search of the perfect electric guitar (of even the best guitar!). You’ve even tried searching online forums for pointers, but to no avail. Finding the best electric guitar can be a long, onerous process. There’s a whole handful of things you need to consider, and […]