can you put nylon strings on a steel string guitar

Can You Put Nylon Strings On A Steel String Guitar?

Whether you are a professional or aspiring guitar player, you know the differences of the sounds if using different string on any type of guitar. This said, placing strings on different guitars would be found a bit tricky, and you would immediately identify even the slightest of difference between the two. Restringing or replacing the […]

add pickup to acoustic guitar

Add Pickup to Acoustic Guitar and Be Heard More

There are instances that there is nothing greater than just sitting down and simply strumming your acoustic guitar after a long and tiring day. However, if you wanted to take your acoustic guitar up the stage, you will need a way to be heard. This is where acoustic guitar pick up comes in. When thinking […]

best classical guitar under 500

10 Best Classical Guitar Under 500 – Top Picks For 2020

Are you looking for a budget-friendly classical guitar and are confused about which one to opt for? Here we have some of the best classical guitars under 500 dollars. Choosing the right classical guitar can be a time-consuming matter. You need not be overwhelmed as this decision can be easier once you check out the […]