8 guitar strings

5 Best Strings For 8 String Guitar

Do you have an eight string guitar that is ready to be restrung? Not sure which 8 string guitar set to choose? Check these out. Quick Links To Our 8 String Guitar String Sets Recommendations D’Addario NYXL0980 Ernie Ball 8-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom GHS GBXL-8 Ernie Ball 2625 Stringjoy HVY108 Our 8 String Electric […]

trim guitar strings

Why Are Guitar Strings So Long? (Cutting Excess Strings)

You have probably noticed while restringing our guitar that the strings are very long for what you need.  Ever wondered why? Why are guitar strings so long? Guitar strings are long in order to accommodate different scale lengths, headstock configurations, and different bridge styles.  It is very easy to trim your strings after installing them. […]

guitar string tension

Can You Over Tighten Guitar Strings? (Guitar String Tension)

Are you tuning up your guitar and thinking that you have over tightened the strings?  Or are you worried that you may over tighten them and what the consequences would be? Can you over tighten guitar strings? Yes, you can over tighten guitar strings. If the tension is too high the string will break. This […]

do guitar strings go bad

Do Guitar Strings Go Bad And How Long Do They Last?

Do you have a set of guitar strings that have been sitting in a drawer for awhile?  Not sure if they are still good to use? It’s a good question and the answer isn’t as simple as you might think.  Comparing new strings to old ones it can be hard to tell if they are […]

expensive guitar strings

Are Expensive Guitar Strings Worth It? (Maybe?)

Are you shopping for new guitar strings but not sure if you should splurge on the more expensive sets out there? Are expensive guitar strings worth it? It depends.  Few things can make your guitar sound better than new strings, but they come with a price tag. There are factors to consider when deciding if […]

cleaning guitar strings

Can You Use Hand Sanitizer To Clean Guitar Strings?

Are your guitar strings dirty and are you looking for the right thing to clean them?  Maybe you want to try hand sanitizer? Can you use hand sanitizer to clean guitar strings? No. Hand sanitizer is not the best thing you can use for cleaning your guitar strings. Hand sanitizer is usually around 60{0794a961920d97099aea99cac5a861228867c4461e5cf936a4873e99fb4a0da6} alcohol, […]

guitar storage

Why Do Guitar Strings Go Sharp? (Proper Guitar Storage Tips)

Do you find that your guitar seems to go sharp after a short period of time? Want to know why? Why do guitar strings go sharp? Guitar strings go sharp due to environmental conditions.  When it cools down, guitar strings tend to get sharper, while when it warms up they get flatter. Similar changes can […]

flatwound guitar strings

How Long Do Flatwound Guitar Strings Last?

Do you have flatwound strings on your guitar but think that they may need to be replaced? Not sure if this is the right time? How long do flatwound guitar strings last? A set of flatwound strings should last between 5 – 6 months.  But this time also depends on how often you play the […]

best acoustic guitar string brands

LOOK: What Is The Best Brand Of Acoustic Guitar Strings?

These are the most popular and best brand of acoustic guitar strings on the market.  From bluegrass to rock, from strumming to fingerpicking, there’s something for everyone. 6 Best String Brands For Acoustic Guitars D’Addario This enterprise has operated in some form or another for millennia, just producing strings for musical instruments. When the family […]

how to fix a broken guitar string

EXPLAINED: How To Fix A Broken Guitar String

It’s happened to us all: you’re jamming on your guitar when all of a sudden, one of the strings snaps. The nightmare scenario! Thankfully, this is a problem that’s easily solved, and you don’t need to be an expert musician to do it. Take a look at our article on how to fix guitar strings […]

how to change acoustic guitar strings

REVEALED: How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings Today!

It’s not uncommon for a guitar player to have a few sets of acoustic guitar strings from their favorite set. And while you might think that changing the strings is as easy as replacing them with new ones, there are actually many ways a guitar can sound different if not tuned correctly. In this article, […]

acoustic guitar strings

GUIDE: The Different Types of Acoustic Guitar Strings

Have you ever gone to your local music store and been overwhelmed by the huge selection of acoustic guitar or acoustic electric guitar strings? Well, you’re not alone. There are many different types of guitar strings on the market and they each have their own unique feature, sound, and feel.  After all, an experienced guitar […]

light vs medium guitar strings

Light Vs Medium Guitar Strings Gauge (Sound, Tone, Feel)

Have you done some research on the guitar strings gauges that best match your needs? How was the experience? Is it overwhelming, right? The main difference between light and medium guitar strings is the gauges.  Medium strings are slightly thicker than light strings.  This means that the sound and tone of the medium string is […]

nanoweb vs polyweb

COMPARED: Nanoweb vs Polyweb Guitar Strings

Are you trying to choose between Nanoweb and Polyweb strings? The main difference between Nanoweb vs Polyweb strings is their tone. Nanoweb strings have an all the more full range progressively brilliant and projective tone, while Polyweb strings have a more grounded characteristic warm tone. Is there any difference between Nanoweb and Polyweb guitar strings? […]

what are the strings on a guitar

What Are The Guitar Strings Names In Standard Tuning?

If you are just at the very beginning stages of learning how to play guitar, one of the first things that you will learn – either from a guitar teacher through lessons or just on your own – are the names of each of the electric and acoustic guitar strings.  Knowing the guitar strings names […]